The magic of murals

The magic of murals is sponsored by Ever Wallpaper

I’ve talked before about how murals can instantly change the look and feel of a room, for generally, quite a reasonable cost – that’s the magic of murals! I’ve teamed up with Ever Wallpaper to show you some of their amazing selection of wallpapers and murals.

So let’s get into it:

Lively forest £25 m2

childrens murals

This mural would be perfect in a child’s bedroom, it’s beautifully calming, but also really fun and unique! You could wrap it around the full room for a real statement or create a feature wall with complimentary colours for your woodwork and walls.

Sketch Elephant £25 m2

elephant murals

Another great option for a feature wall in a child’s bedroom, or at any age – it’s a stunning design! You could bring in warm neutrals to compliment the tones within the mural, or go crazy and add some brighter colours to enhance the wildlife theme.

Misty Forest £21 m2

tree murals

This mural would be perfect and calming in a home office space or add an extra element of zen to your work-out or yoga space. The colours are deep but not too busy, making it a really versatile piece!

Irregular Chips £25 m2

terrazzo murals

Terrazzo is still huge in the interior world but it won’t be forever – so why not add it to your home in a less permanent way buy wallpapering walls in your bathroom or kitchen (away from any water obviously).

Celestial Floral £21 m2

celestial murals

How pretty is this mural? It would work really well over some colour matching panelling in a hallway or dining room, don’t you think? Or even on it’s own as a statement piece with real wow factor.

Peach paradise £25 m2

minimalist murals

This mural would be right at home in a minimalist’s home. The organic shapes and tones create a really calming effect and would sit really well with natural woods and contrasting black accessories.

Green Ombre £25 m2

ombre murals

This is one of my favourites, such a soothing scene that would be perfect in a bedroom or living room to create a really calming space. I’d use a dark green for the skirting boards and keep the ceiling white to carry on the ombre theme.

If you’re not sure which wallpaper or mural to choose, you can send photos of your room to Ever Wallpaper and they’ll create a simulation of your favourite options for free – such a great service!

You can take a look at Ever Wallpapers customer photos for even more inspiration here.

Ever Wallpaper also have to the option to create your own custom mural here.

25 January 2022
22 March 2022