Ever struggled to come up with a ‘theme’ for a room, or knew what colour you wanted to paint your walls, but couldn’t work out what kind of furniture to get? That’s where moodboards come in. Sometimes it just takes getting everything together all in one image to finally see if your ideas will all work together, or if you’re lacking in ideas, that’s where you see the ‘theme’ I’ve created come together and you start to get very excited!

For just £99, I can create a digital moodboard for your chosen room – pulling in different textures, colours and giving suggestions for furniture and soft furnishings. I use my design software, graphic and interior design experience to create your perfect room.

There are so many colour options available, sometimes getting the right shade and tone is really difficult. As part of this package, I can also provide different variations in the same colour range to help you find the one. I can also provide alternatives for soft furnishings that really help to give life to a space, or I can incorporate some of your existing pieces into the moodboard so you can see how it all works together.

Below are some inspiration moodboards I created for my own home, using pieces I already owned and knew I wanted to incorporate into the room (the wall colour and art prints in the living room moodboard) and pairing them with new items that I thought would work well in the ‘theme’. The £99 moodboard doesn’t have to be from scratch, I can develop any of your initial ideas into a full scheme.

How the £99 moodboard works:

After we’ve had our initial chat via email about your taste and ideas, I’ll then ask which existing furniture or home furnishings you’d like to incorporate (if any) and what you’d like to change about your chosen room.

I’ll then ask for payment via paypal or bank transfer before we get started.

I then create your moodboard/s, incorporating colour, texture and furniture to create a full ‘theme’ for your room.

You are more than welcome to make any changes to the design (products/ colours etc) and I’m only an email away if you have any questions.

Ready to get started? Send an email to and I’ll get back to you asap.

If you want a more in depth moodboard, where all of the products I choose are to your specified budget, I also offer a Virtual Interior Design service. As part of this package, you get a moodboard, digital shopping list and a layout plan, all for just £199.