H&M Home vase collection

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a vase hoarder – and H&M Home is my first port of call when I want to add to my collection. They’re so affordable and on trend, with a huge range of amazing interior pieces, it’s definitely my favourite homeware store.

Here are just a small percentage of my favourite vases in their current collection…. I’ll try not to buy every single one…

H&M Vases

How perfect do these off white vases look with dried pampas grass in?! Definitely considering buying the whole set…

Small ceramic vase (front) – £9.99 – shop here

Ceramic vase (middle) – £19.99 – shop here

Large ceramic vase (back) – £34.99 – shop here

H&M Vase

This ceramic vase has been on my radar for while now… just need to find the perfect place for it to go – only £24.99 – shop here.

H&M Vases

How cute are these guys?! I’ve got a small collection of things with faces in… these might need to join the gang..

Tall ceramic vase – £19.99 – shop here

Ceramic plant pot – £14.99 – shop here

H&M Vase

Another trend piece, perfect for using as a sculpture or a vase! £19.99 – shop here

H&M Vases

Another little collection that I’m in love with – all available in petrol and cream

Large – £19.99 – shop here

Middle size – £14.99 – shop here

Small – £4.99 – shop here

H&M Vases

Oh look, another collection I’m obsessed with… I think most of the collection is sold out, but you can still get the plant pot on the right – £12.99 – shop here

So.. which is your favourite H&M vase?

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