Creating a digital moodboard

I’ve recently come across a new digital moodboard software called Mattoboard, and I’m obsessed! I’ve started making digital moodboards for all the remaining renovation projects in the house… starting with the kitchen, of course – my favourite room to redesign and plan…

This is based on actual samples that I’ve collected over the last year or so, so I already have an idea of the style I want for my future kitchen, but you can so easily change colours and textures to try different ideas out. It uses samples from interior and homeware companies like Plank Hardware and Farrow and Ball, so it’s easy to make the digital moodboard into reality when you’re ready!

This is the moodboard I’ve settled on (for now) for my kitchen:

I love the green/beige colour cabinet and oak flooring together. The brass hardware accents really add a sense of warmth to the scheme. The marble worktop is definitely a showstopper… must find an affordable option!

digital moodboard

Here’s if I decided to go for cooler tones for the cabinetry and paint colours:

The paint swatch is Skylight from Farrow and Ball (which I had in my previous master bedroom and loved) and I’ve tried to find a cabinet colour that matches for a full colour drench look.

digital moodboard

You can choose from a number of different base templates which feature different amounts of starting blocks like this:

Here’s another example of a digital moodboard I created for a potential dining/ living area for a friend:

digital moodboard

You can use different shapes and change textures, tones and where each piece appears in the order so it looks more authentic.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re interested in interior design and looking for a more digital experience (as much as I love handling actual physical samples!).