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There’s no denying that bespoke furniture is unbelievably effective when it comes to making your home work for you. Having something that’s built around your exact needs that fits your home perfectly – it’s incredibly useful. The problem is, going bespoke often means putting a serious dent in your bank balance. It’s generally going to mean having furniture that’s fixed in place too, which isn’t always fun when it comes to moving house or even just rearranging your home and living space. It’s a big commitment to invest in bespoke furniture, and these two points alone make the option of going bespoke a much bigger decision. But what if there was a way to get all of the benefits of bespoke furniture, all at a much lower cost and with a lot more freedom? Well, there is… Modular Furniture!

Modular Furniture

Ever heard of modular furniture?

Modular furniture, at its heart, is designed to give you the ability to create your very own piece of furniture that’s almost entirely unique to you and your home in a new way. If you’re not familiar with how it works, here’s a quick explanation:

Modular furniture lets you use different furniture modules in different configurations to build something new. Depending on the system, you can create an entirely unique piece of furniture that works and looks exactly the way you want it to. For example, you could create some eye-catching feature shelving with an asymmetrical appearance that’s also made to fit around some of the more troublesome features in your home such as low beams, or within awkwardly shaped alcoves.

Going modular is going bespoke, but with a lot more freedom

The possibilities with modular furniture are almost endless – you can constantly reconfigure the modules of your furniture and transform it into something entirely different. At the same time, modular furniture doesn’t leave you with the problem of having an expensive piece of furniture permanently attached to one place. You can move it and reconfigure it so that it fits like a glove in another part of your home. This is a big plus over traditional bespoke furniture, especially when it comes to moving house. You’re not stuck with a large investment that you potentially have to simply leave behind, you can take your modular system with you.

You don’t just have the ability to move and change your existing modules either. Need to size down? Simply remove modules and change your configuration to fit. You could even use some of the modules you took away from the initial design to create a second piece of furniture for elsewhere in your home (or even in the same space for keeping the décor consistent). Need something a little bigger? It’s easy to add new modules at any time. It’s this kind of freedom that means when you’re buying modular furniture, you’re not just picking something up to solve a short-term problem. Not at all. It’s something that can grow and change with you and your life no matter where you go or how things change.

Modular has more financial freedom too

A big downside to bespoke furniture is definitely the cost. Bespoke can be extremely expensive, particularly when it comes to larger pieces. And as mentioned above, bespoke furniture generally ends up being a permanent fixture in your home, meaning you may have to leave it behind if you ever move.

Modular furniture on the other hand is significantly cheaper. This is a huge factor for any household looking to make the most of their space with beautiful, highly functional furniture, especially with the rising cost of living that we’re all facing right now. Plus, due to the nature of how modular furniture systems work, you don’t have to go and buy every single thing you can think of right from the outset. You can start off with a simple configuration with a few modules and build your piece over time, spreading the overall cost into even more manageable chunks. You can create a huge system over the space of a few months which also has the added benefit of letting you settle on specific design choices as you progress with it.

So where should you start?

The first step is knowing what function you need your new modular furniture to have. Is it going to be a TV unit? Bedroom storage? An office or study space? A place to store your record collection? Or even a unique set of feature shelving? UK-based modular furniture designers, Shelved, have a huge range of pre-designed modular furniture configurations to suit almost any need or space in your home.

But you’re not just tied to a pre-designed system – Shelved let you customise every aspect of your new furniture to your tastes and needs. Their clever 3D configurator lets you create something entirely new, either using one of the existing configurations as a base, or starting completely from scratch. You can get creative and build your very own design, and you can even see how it looks in your home with the Shelved AR (augmented reality) app before you make your decision. The entire Shelved range is designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK in North Yorkshire using only the highest quality materials.

Modular Furniture

It’s time to make it modular…

If you’re looking for the benefits of bespokewithoutthe drawbacks, modular furniture is the perfect solution. You have so much more freedom, and you become the designer of your own home. And when it comes to affordability, a modular system is simply so much more accessible, even for the bigger systems and configurations.

Discover a better way to make your home work for you.

Modular Furniture

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