5 must have features for your kitchen

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I’ve only ever designed 2 kitchens for myself, but I do have a bit of an obsession with well designed kitchens and thinking about which must have features that I’d include in any renovations going forward. I’ve done a fair bit of research on the subject so I thought I’d share my ‘5 must have features for your kitchen’ in case you’re in the early stages of planning your own or are just like me and a bit of a kitchen geek…

Integrated appliances

This is a must have for any new kitchen design in my opinion. It makes for a much sleeker and more ‘put together’ aesthetic and it makes a low cost kitchen look so much more luxurious – what more could you want? My kitchen is incredibly small, but my integrated appliances help to soften the look and elongate the appearance of the base units. I also think it makes a kitchen look more finished and thought through!

Drawers over doors

This might seem like an obvious one, but having drawers over doors for your base units will make such a difference to how you store your crockery/ food/ glassware. It means you can access everything you need, without having to reach to the back of a deep cupboard to get it. I also think it would reduce the amount of out of date and duplicate food, as nothing would be hidden at the back, out of sight!

Shelf / styling opportunities

Having areas to style in your kitchen helps to add some personality to what can be quite cold, lifeless spaces. You can add plants, photos and prints, colour, texture… what ever you like! You style every other room in your home, why miss out your kitchen? With the rise of the ‘great room’, people are their kitchens as the main living area, so it’s nice to add a personal touch to the space you’re in the most.

5 must have features for your kitchen - Artis 937

Texture and pattern

For a real stand-out appearance, you need to consider texture when it comes to designing your new kitchen. Whether that’s including a real wood worktop, adding a patterned splashback or statement contrasting wall units like the example below. It’s another way of adding your personality into your space and creating a more personal and unique design – depending on which textures and pattern you choose!

Touch 340

Uninterrupted worktop / preparation space

You can never have enough uninterrupted worktop / preparation space if you’re a keen cook. Most people choose to have their hob or sink in their island, but having a substantial area of worktop to use as prep space is a great idea if you regularly cook at home. Even if you’re not big into cooking, you can use it as a social space, a great base for snacks or drinks, for the ultimate party experience.

5 must have features for your kitchen - Riva 840

So, they’re my 5 Must have features for your kitchen – what do you think?

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19 October 2021