YSL Mon Paris

Taste in scent is such a personal thing, what you might absolutely love, someone else might absolutely hate. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teensy bit sceptical when I received this in the post, what if i didn’t like the smell? Obviously, I would always write an honest review, but I didn’t wanna be disappointed. Fortunately, YSL Mon Paris Eau De Parfum* smells incredible, like seriously incredible. It’s actually taken over my beloved Thierry Mugler – Alien as my favourite perfume – and I never expected to say that.

YSL Mon Paris

A bit about the fragrance from YSL Beauty:

Capturing the spirit of an intense love affair, YSL Beauté introduces Mon Paris perfume – a new expression of love today, inspired by the city of lovers, Paris.

Mon Paris is a fragrance which urges you to seize the moment; transcend the present; and prepare to fall head over heels into the arms of a passionate love.
A subversive reinvention of the traditional chypre, the new floral perfume turns the traditional model upside down, by introducing a brave, bold narcotic white chypre fit for love today.

Spell-binding, head-spinning, Mon Paris perfume captivates from the very first time it is worn thanks to its ultra-pure radiance, which binds patchouli to luminous, white notes, and balances it with the sensuality of musk.

YSL Mon Paris

So, what does it smell like – you know, apart from heaven? It’s fruity, sweet and musky all at the same time, unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before. It’s so unique and honestly, so beautiful. I can see myself getting through this bottle pretty quickly, and 100% repurchasing.

YSL Mon Paris Scents:
• Top: Pear & Fruit
• Heart: Datura & White Flowers
• Base: Patchouli & White Musk

I mean, we haven’t even talked about how beautiful it looks…

YSL Mon Paris

The bottle alone is definitely a must for your dressing table. The subtle branding layered over the black ties wrapped around the bottle, make it classy, simple and unashamedly chic. YSL Mon Paris is available in 30ml (£47), 50ml (£66) and 90ml (£87), the 30ml would be great to have in your handbag, so you’re prepared for any perfume-needing emergencies. The scent lasts all day, so you won’t be needing any midday top ups, like some fragrances. I put it on in the morning and i can still smell it when i go to bed, what more could you want?!

7th September 2016
14th September 2016