The YSL Brow Wardrobe

These products were gifted to me to review.

YSL Beauty have seeeriously got you covered with their new eyebrow range, there’s something for every look, every brow style and every hair colour. I’m still quite a beginner when it comes to eyebrows, mine were pretty sparse and lacking in the style department, but that has genuinely all changed with these new additions.

I 100% do not profess to be anywhere near amazing at styling my brows, but with these new products, it’s a hell of a lot easier to get them looking more than acceptable. Each of the four products does something different and helps to enhance what’s already there – what more could you want? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult trying to choose the right colour from the online swatches, but I think I did a pretty good job! I always find that the lighter/medium brown brow products always have a warm undertone, which just isn’t right for my hair colour, but these don’t, they’re ashy, just like my natural brows and they blend so seamlessly.


I’ve tried and tested all 4 of these products, and I really am impressed. I’m always scared that all of my reviews seem to be positive, but the products speak for themselves! They stay in place, blend really easily and help enhance your eye area.

The Dessin Des Sourcils (eyebrow pencil) is soft, but not too soft and blends really easily. I got mine in the shade Glazed Brown. It’s perfect for my not too dark brown eyebrows and helps to add subtle definition when used in light strokes. I did struggle to create those faux hairs at the start of my brow after filling in the rest of my brow, I think it’s one of those that needs to be sharpened on every use just so you can get those thin ‘hair-like’ strokes. It’s also probably down to my lack of skill too, so don’t let that put you off!

The Couture Brow Mascara is in shade Blond Centre which is darker than the pencil, but the two blend together perfectly. It keeps the hairs in place, while helping to blend the bits I have to add in (sparse areas) and the bits with hair already there. This is probably my favourite in the collection, it’s the one I felt most comfortable using, so maybe that’s why!

The Couture Brow Marker (shade light brown) initially looked a bit scary to me, I was quite daunted by the sharp angle of the pen, but it’s actually a really easy product to use. It helps to create a really sharp, defined line above and below your eyebrow for that ‘instagram brow’. It’s great for adding in those faux hairs at the start of your brow too, and then essentially drawing over the rest of the brow.

And lastly, the Couture Brow Palette. This is in shade No1 and is great for adding more volume to your hair – perfect for fellow ‘barely there’ eyebrow people. It has 3 shades in, so super easy to create exactly the right colour for you and a really nice consistency to work with. It comes in a super cute compact with a mirror, perfect for on-the-go and travelling without having to carry loads of different products.


9th May 2017