Where to buy realistic faux stems & flowers

Finding realistic faux stems and flowers can be tricky, there can be such a huge difference in quality and subsequently price and it can all just become a bit of a minefield with where to look and how many you’ll need for an aesthetic display. I thought I’d put all my research into one blog post, both from my own experience, and reviews from others to give a run down of the most realistic faux stems and flowers around at the moment.

They’re a really great option for pet owners, as well as people that love to have beautiful botanical accents throughout their home all year round. They don’t die, so they’re definitely worth spending a little bit more on to get a more realistic look. I’ve listed a lot of different brands below, covering a range of budgets so hopefully you’ll be able to find the right realistic faux stems & flowers for you and your home!

Homesense is a definitely a go to destination for realistic faux stems and flowers, it can be a bit hit and miss, but usually there’s a few different options to choose from and they’re always at an affordable price!

Rose & Grey has a great range of realistic faux stems, flowers and plants. Below are a few of my favourites:

Faux Eucalyptus Spray
Eucalyptus – £7.99 per stem
Faux Olive Branch
Faux Olive Branch – £16 per stem

Abigail Ahern is renowned for her amazingly realistic faux stems and flowers. They’re available at a few other retailers including Heals so there’s other options if your favourite sells out.

SINGLE PAMPAS|abigail ahern
Faux Pampas – £12.50 per stem
WILLOW|abigail ahern
Faux Willow – £18 per stem
MELALEUCA PURPLE|abigail ahern
Faux Melaleuca Purple – £9 per stem
PEONY ROUGE|abigail ahern
Faux Peony – £12 per stem

Cox & Cox is one of my favourite homeware stores and they have a great range of faux stems, flowers and plants. They have a few that come in sets of 3 so you can better visualise how they’ll look in your home via their merchandising.

NEW Faux Palm Spray
Faux Palm Spray – £55 per stem (as above)
NEW Faux Leaf Spray
Faux Leaf Spray – £25
NEW Three Fabulously Full Peony Stems - Vibrant Coral
Faux Peony – £95 for 3 stems (as above)
NEW Faux Trailing Eucalyptus Stem
Faux Trailing Eucalyptus – £18.50 per stem

OKA has a huge range of realistic stems and flowers at a range of different prices – here are a few of my favourites:

Faux Pussy Willow Flower Stem - Off-White
Faux Pussy Willow Spray – £10
Faux Full Peony Stem - Flushed Cream
Faux Peony Stem – £14
Faux Wild Berry Stem - Blue
Faux Wild Berry Stem – £18

Another great place to look is Graham & Green. Here are my favourites, but they have a really amazing range.

Faux Pamia Stem – £12.99
Faux Succulent Stem – £17.95
Faux Nasturtium Spray – £12.95

Some other notable places to buy realistic faux stems, plants and flowers from are: Fox Flowers, Dunelm, Layered Lounge, Country Baskets, Amaranthine Blooms, Pavilion Broadway, Baytree Interiors, Berrys & Grey, Neptune, Amara and Audenza.

Another great option for having year round beautiful botanical accents in your home is dried/ preserved stems and flowers, obviously they look more realistic, because they are real, so there’s an added bonus over faux stems and flowers. A lot of the retailers listed above offer dried pieces as well as faux, so definitely check out those too while you’re on the hunt!

A retailer that offers a great range of preserved stems is Dowsing & Reynolds – they have some great faux plants too, so they’re worth looking at too! The range was brought in to complement the interior brand’s existing collection of artificial plants and have been sourced from select locations across the globe. Picked and preserved in season to ensure the highest quality. The organic flowers and plant stems are 100% natural and great for eco-conscious shoppers.

Diosma pink
Preserved Diosma Bouquet – £18.99
heather bouquet
Pink Heather Bouquet – £18.99

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