What I Do

I’m a Graphic Designer, that’s what i do as a job. It’s something I’ve been interested in for most of my life, I’ve always been creative and now i get paid to do it! I work for a small Digital agency designing quite a wide of things. I design logos, websites, business stationery and a load of other bits. I’ve been in my current job for just less than a year and i really do love it. Not waking up dreading going into work is something I’ve never experienced before i started here. It’s made me a happier person in general, it allowed me to buy my house ( still a weird feeling ) and start my life as an independent adult!

I’m lucky that my job allows me to grow and evolve on a daily basis, learning new techniques and bettering myself as a designer. I’m challenged every day, whether that’s with a difficult client or problem solving about how to make the most of a design. We have a VERY varied client base, a lot of ‘one man bands’ offering plumbing or electrical services on one side and large companies selling meat ( yes, meat ) online. Every day is different, that’s why my job is never boring, I never know what’s waiting for me on Monday morning.

I upload my work to my online portfolio quite regularly if you’re interested in checking it out!

26th June 2016
30th June 2016