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Lighting is one of the hardest things to get right when decorating and furnishing your home. There are a plethora of different  options available on the market, all geared to help to create a certain kind of atmosphere, whether that’s calming, light and airy or warm and cosy, there’s definitely a lighting option for you. It entirely depends on the room and the vibe you want to create as to what kind of lighting you choose, table lamps, spotlights and pendant lights are all great options and easy to mix and match to create the perfect atmosphere.

One place to look for well priced LED Pendant lights is lightsupplier.co.uk, they have a great range of different styles to suit different room aesthetics.

The Brescia – COB LED Kitchen Pendant Light would be ideal for hanging over a modern kitchen island. With the chrome and glass details, they would sit really well against both light and dark coloured cabinetry. The light has a natural white LED so it won’t be too harsh and will create a luxurious and modern atmosphere. The average lamp life is an amazing 30,000hrs and for just £58.88, a set of 3 above an island or dining table would be really reasonably priced. The chain is fully adjustable and can reach 1.5m at its longest length – perfect for high ceilings but also a great option for the lower ceilings of a new build once adjusted.

well priced LED Pendant lights

The Concreto – LED Kitchen Pendant Light is another great option for a modern home. With its concrete effect finish, they would be an ideal pairing with a sleek, matt finish kitchen, along with other natural textures such as wood and marble. If you’re looking for a more industrial feel, the Concreto light would add some great texture to the space and could be mirrored with matching concrete effect worktops and black hardware. A single pendant would look great as part of a modern reading nook, along with a scandi style chair and plenty of textured throws and cushions. For only £38.98, they’re so so affordable too!

well priced LED Pendant lights

The Parma White – COB LED Kitchen Pendant Light is another great option for hanging over a modern kitchen kitchen island or dining table. The white and copper combination is still a huge trend and could be matched to a huge range of kitchen accessories. They have a 1.5m flex drop, meaning they’re perfect for hanging from high ceilings but also fully adjustable to suit a range of ceiling heights. For only £44.66, they’re a great, affordable option to instantly update your kitchen space. A set of 3 (shown in the photo below) makes such a statement, while also letting the details speak for themselves to create a sleek and modern look.

well priced LED Pendant lights

Those are just 3 of the beautiful well priced LED Pendant lights from lightsupplier.co.uk but they have so many more styles available for any taste and aesthetic – definitely worth a look if you’re looking to update the lighting in your home!

30 October 2019
30 December 2019