If you didn’t know already, I love a moodboard, and even though I’ve nearly finished my house renovation, it doesn’t mean the moodboards have stopped! I saw one photo on H&M Home, and well, here we are… I loved the neutral but still warm tones of the beige, pink and grey create a really calming and relaxing environment, perfect for winding down after a busy day at work, but still elegant and modern, with the gold and light oak accents. It’s not too feminine, and I think it could work in any style of home.

If you’re renting, you could add the subtle warm neutral tones in with accessories and soft furnishings – I think it could look just as effective!

Before I show you the good stuff, I thought I’d mention that I do offer a Moodboard design service for a bargain price of £49, incase you’re lacking inspiration with any room in your home, whether you just need a bit of help adding some finishing touches, or want to completely start from scratch – I can help!

My warm neutral living room scheme (all products listed below)

warm neutral living room

Paint colours:

Stony Ground – shop here

Setting Plaster – shop here

New White – shop here



Becca 3 seater sofa – shop here

Lars accent chair – shop here



Albert pendant – shop here


Soft Furnishings:

Cotton velvet cushion cover, pink – shop here

Patterned cotton cushion cover – shop here

Sturdy jute rug – shop here



Window shaped mirror – shop here

Tall metal vase – shop here

Ceramic pot – shop here

Artwork – shop here


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