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You might remember that back in March, I reviewed the Leesa Mattress, well, Leesa have now added to their range and brought out a pillow and asked me to test it out – of course I said yes. If it was anywhere near as amazing as the mattress, I needed it in my life! It’s been in development for years and I really do think that all their hard work has paid off. It feels unlike any other pillow I’ve ever experienced before, it’s firm but not too firm like one of those brick-like memory foam pillows. You can tell how supportive it’s going to be just by holding it – it feels so much more substantial than any other pillow – and that’s even before I tested it out! It’s replaced my super cheap IKEA pillow and the difference in quality is crazy, it’s worth spending that bit more money to help improve your sleep, in my opinion.

The pillow uses Outlast® technology (developed for NASA – how fancy!) which helps to regulate your temperature so you don’t have a gross sweaty head in the morning, like you can get from the cheaper, lower quality pillows – I’m all up for less hair washing! The Leesa pillow helps to keep your neck and spine aligned throughout your sleep, which means you wake up feeling refreshed and without a painfully stiff neck. It also completely retains its shape, so no plumping and fluffing to try to get it looking plush. The outer layer of the pillow is made from a premium micro-fibre which is super soft and cushioned, while the middle is made from a supportive memory foam which gives optimum support and comfort and unlike traditional down filled pillows, the micro-fibre filling won’t clump over time. It also makes my made bed look nicer, but that’s just a nice little added bonus!

leesa pollow

It’s definitely the perfect companion for the Leesa Mattress, if you’re on the hunt for a better quality pillow.

I also thought I’d do a 6 month update on the Leesa Mattress too, well I might as well, while we’re here! To cut a long story short, I’m still in love with it. It’s the perfect amount of support for me and I can’t work out how I ever slept properly without it. It’s been a stressful few months moving house and renovating and I’ve slept scarily well throughout! It’s not the slightest bit lumpy, and it still has that same ‘sink in’ feeling as it did when I first got it. My friends love it when they stay over and I think I’ve convinced a few people to join the Leesa mattress family too. We took special care with it when I moved house (covered each side in a fitted sheet, if you were curious!) and I can’t wait to put it on my new bed (when it eventually arrives) when my new bedroom is finished over the next few weeks.

leesa pillow

This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Pillow for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.

24 September 2018
5 October 2018