My name is Zoe and I’ve bought lighting for a house that technically doesn’t exist yet… Ok, I’ll be a bit more specific.. I’ve bought a light shade for my next house even though my current house isn’t for sale. I did buy it for this house cause it was on sale and I’m a little bit in love with it, but it’s not right for the room I wanted it in so I’ve put it into storage (my parents house) until I move, hopefully later on this year. It’s this one by the way, and I’ve seen it so many times on Pinterest and fallen more and more in love with it with every pin. So when I saw it in the Ikea ‘bargain corner’, with only a damaged box and £10 off, I had to get it.

I love how much a light can change the entire feel of a room, whether that’s the look of the actual light shade itself, or the way it reflects light around the room. In my house, each room has a different tone of light, warm and daylight bulbs make a huge difference to the atmosphere in each room. I thought I’d share a few more of my current favourites if you’re looking to be inspired! The Brass & Gold trend features heavily across a lot of the lighting styles at the moment, as well as the industrial/ ‘barely there’ framed styles, both of which I love! I’m also a huge fan of the wicker/woven styles (hence why I bought the IKEA one), which help to bring in that much coveted touch of ‘nature’.

Amara Living- Leonard Chandelier – Brass

Amara Living – Vinti Barrell Pendant Light – Black

Amara Living – Eos Feather Lamp Shade – White – Mini


Cox & Cox – NEW Grey Chevron Rattan Shade

Cox & Cox – Large Metal Trapeze Pendant – Black


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21 January 2018
31 January 2018