Shops I’m Loving – A/W Edition

I’ve been shopping quite a bit over the last few weeks, both in store and online and have had to physically retrain myself from buying everything, there’s some amazing bits around at the moment! I LOVE Autumn/ Winter fashion (check out my wishlist here), it’s my favourite time of year – i love jumpers, big blanket scarves, cuddly coats and being able to wear some super comfy ankle boots. When I walk into a shop, i’m immediately drawn to the knitwear, it suits my casual, laid back style. Throwing on a big jumper, a pair of jeans and some ankle boots is my go-to A/W outfit, and i’m not ashamed of how ‘un-original’ that is!

So here are the ‘Shops I’m Loving’ and a few of my favourite items:

1 Zara

I will always be obsessed with Zara, the quality of the clothes is amazing for the price point, they recreate the catwalk trends faster than anyone else and there’s always at least 20 things that I want whenever i walk into their stores or pop on their website.  PS. i’ve got the khaki jumper and i looooove it!

2 Topshop

I mean, who doesn’t love Topshop? It’s the shop that every girl grew up with, it’s got the best range of basics ever and the majority of it is super affordable, great quality and always on trend. It’s probably been a while since I actually bought something, but that’s been down to me attempting to save some money.

3 Marks & Spencers

I definitely think my generation underestimates M&S. I’ve shopped there my whole life, my Mum & Grandma have gone there pretty much every Saturday since I was little, so i’ve grown up with it. The quality is always great, their classic style suits every age and they don’t get enough credit, in my opinion! I’ve got the pink tie front top below, it’s so soft and slouchy, and definitely fits in with my style.

5th October 2016
13th October 2016



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    Lauren Victoria

    10th October 2016

    I love Zara & Topshop! I hardly ever go in M&S for fashion except to browse the shoe and hand bag range haha. But I definitely agree that it’s so under rated xx

    Lauren |

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      10th October 2016

      I totally agree about M&S handbags, i have sooo many pairs of their shoes too, super comfy! xx

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    Kyia Belle

    10th October 2016

    In all my years I’ve lived in my home city, I NEVER knew there were TWO (not one, but TWO) Zaras, and one of them being exceptionally close to where I live! Guess where my savings are going? haha. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, just as any blogger would probably say, but it just seems like the trends suit my tomgirl-ish lifestyle so much. Leather jackets, boots, chunky, loose fitted tops, uh YES! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty (new post)
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

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      10th October 2016

      There’s one about a 4 minute drive from my house and it’s incredibly dangerous for my bank balance. Yeah, A/W is the best, can’t get enough of big, cosy jumpers! xx