If you follow me on instagram (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) you’ll have seen that I’ve recently got myself a round mirror and that I can’t believe how much of a bargain it was… It was £23.99 (including VAT) from a shop that I’d never been in before, called JTF – they have a few different locations over the country, it’s free to get a membership and definitely worth a visit if you have one nearby! I’d been looking around for a while, but the cheapest I found was £60, which was this IKEA one, so when I stumbled across this one (which also came with a black surround) at under £25, I couldn’t say no.

round mirrors

round mirrors

round mirrors

It’s the perfect size for above my fireplace and although is does slightly blend into the white wall behind it, it also stands out a lot more than my old square one used to, something I can’t explain, but it really does!

My new mirror doesn’t seem to be on their website, but keep checking back, or go into your nearest store to have a look for yourself! Incase you can’t find it, or are miles away from a store, I’ve found some great alternative round mirrors, unfortunately none at that amazingly low price, but equally as beautiful:

As I mentioned before, the IKEA Stockholm mirror is a great alternative, it’s slightly larger than mine, so would definitely make more of an impact.

IKEA STOCKHOLM mirror Provided with safety film - reduces damage if glass is broken.

This John Lewis one, is the same size as the IKEA one, but doesn’t have a border, which would be a great option for those of you with a more minimalist style.

Buy John Lewis Scandi Round Mirror, Dia.80cm Online at johnlewis.com

This French Connection mirror was the one that made me NEED a round mirror in my life, but way above my budget.

This Cox and Cox mirror is beautiful, I love the antique brass border.


I’ve also sourced some inspiration images if you’re struggling to style your new round mirrors!

Images below found on Pinterest – all saved to this board.

This post contains affiliate links, I receive a small commission if you choose to buy any of the items I have recommended (you don’t pay any more!).

7th February 2018
14th February 2018



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    22nd February 2018

    You have styled this perfectly 💕 When I saw you post your mirror on Instagram stories I knew I had to have one. It’s a right bargain too! Ours looks great above the chest of drawers in our bedroom, you should be on commission because it’s the best value round mirror I’ve seen!

    Michelle x

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      22nd February 2018

      Ah thank you so much! It’s such an amazing price, isn’t it?! I was looking around for so long, so glad I found it x