You might have seen a lot of bloggers reviewing this product, but with Ren being such a big name in skincare, I needed to give it a go for myself. It claims to restore the moisture balance, plump and perfect your skin texture and create the perfect canvas to apply your makeup on top of. It comes in a beautifully simple white bottle, with a pipet type applicator – these make me feel like I’m some sort of scientist and I kinda like it.

The formula is silicon free, so it has a different texture to a lot of the primers I’m used to using but it’s a lot kinder to your skin. I apply a few drops to the ends of my fingers, rub them together and massage it into my face. It’s pretty instant – after only a few seconds it’s dry and creating a tacky feeling on your skin – perfect for applying makeup onto.


I think if you have dry (or even normal) skin, this would be perfect for you, but with my oily skin, it was a bit too moisturising (if that’s even a thing) and was slightly less effective than other primers I use at combating the shine. It makes my skin feel amazing, really nourished and genuinely does make my skin appear more even textured. If my skin was really dehydrated, this would be the product I’d reach for, and it’s something I use on my no makeup days, when I like to let my skin rest and take care of it a little better. But for my ongoing battle with the oil slick that is my face, it’s not something I could use everyday, unless I had access to blotting papers/ powder at all times. It might just be because my skin is so incredibly oily, I think that if you have combination skin, you could use it in the areas that aren’t quite as oily – or use it more sparingly on those areas and you’d probably get on really well with it.

After using it for a few weeks, I can already tell that it’s a product that would last you a long time – justifying the slightly higher price tag as long as you don’t go overboard and stick to using the 2-3 recommended drops a day.

6th October 2017