Preparing for Spring

Cleaning out my Wardrobe.

So… the plan is that I go through my wardrobe and ditch anything I haven’t worn since I moved in to my house just over a year ago. If I haven’t worn it for over a year, I don’t need it, right?! That’s what a normal person would think… but I’m a hoarder. I’ve got 2 tripple wardrobes, almost bursting at the seams, as well as a large chest of drawers, and 2,what are essentially suitcases, under my bed. I DO NOT NEED THIS MANY CLOTHES. If you read my Trying to Find my Style post, you’ll know that I, like many people, am definitely guilty of wearing the same thing over and over again. It’s familiar, and I know it looks nice. That 100% does not stop me from going out and buying even more clothes, I just replace the ones I wear all the time with a new set and forget about what once were my favourites.

I’m always on a diet, so I feel the need to hold onto clothes that don’t fit, just incase I manage to lose that weight and can squeeze back in to them. This is another lie I tell myself… cause I know full well, that if/when I lose weight, I’m gunna go out and buy new clothes – I need help!

Keeping Tidy

Everyone already knows about the whole ‘Spring Cleaning’ thing, and it’s something I definitely agree with. I find that in the Winter, I allow myself to be a bit more messy cause it’s winter and I need things around me to keep me warm (a complete bullshit excuse, I know), but in Spring & Summer, I think everywhere needs to look clean and fresh – that’s why I painted all of my walls White after all! I sorted my little office area out at the weekend – you might have seen on my instagram – I’ve put everything in the drawers that took so long to make up, and added bright and fun images to my notice board to help brighten the space up. When the Sun shines through my window and brightens the entire room, I feel so much more excited for Spring.

16 February 2017
26 February 2017



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    Maria Joynson

    24 February 2017

    I used to be such a horder, with three wardrobes and a chest of drawers! In the last few months i have been doing some major decluttering, literally throwing out everything unnecessary – its like a ridiculous ongoing spring clean. I changed some of my furniture to white in recent years and i agree its so much nicer and brighter, i’m just waiting to change over the last few bits and it’ll be perfect for spring! – Maria | MariaJ

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      24 February 2017

      I’m trying to get that mentality, it’s definitely what I need to do! x

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    Natasha Todd

    23 February 2017

    I have a huge guilt of hoarding clothes that are years and years old because I still think they look nice even if they aren’t even close to on trend haha! So I think cleaning out my wardrobe ready for Spring is something I need to do too!! I also can totally relate to being more messy in Winter, I need to get motivated for a big Spring Clean myself as soon as March hits! Great post xx

    Tash |

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      23 February 2017

      Yeah, I’m completely the same, but I only wear the new things! I’m planning on starting the ‘cleanse’ this weekend, wish me luck! haha Thank you! x