You might have seen my ‘How to get a Pinterest worthy Kitchen post, it’s a post I really enjoyed creating, and on my mission to create more interior style posts on my blog, I thought I’d try creating a little series of them – here’s ‘How to get a pinterest worthy bathroom! You know I love nothing more than spending hours and hours (and hours) scrolling through Pinterest, so I’ve curated quite the selection and ultimate moodboard of the most Pinterest worthy bathrooms out there – so why not share them?


1. Bright & white

Something I went for in my own bathroom. White makes any room feel bigger and fresher and the people of pinterest definitely love a bright, White bathroom! Similar with the kitchens, any combination of white tiling will instantly get you that ‘pinterest’ feel. Obviously, the idea is to decorate and liven it up with accessories, plants and homely touches. White rooms also make for great mirror selfies too… the light bounces off every wall, giving you that lit from every angle kinda look… just saying!

pinterest worthy bathroom


2. Bath Accessories

That might sound like a strange one.. what exactly is a bath accessory? I’m talking candles, bath caddies, anything that makes your bath look a bit fancy. A wooden bath caddie is on my Christmas wishlist.. preferably one with a slot for my ipad and maybe a glass of wine… ultimate bath goals! I love the contrast between the bright white of a bath, mixed with the rustic wood from a bath caddie.

how to get a pinterest worthy bathroom


3. Patterned Floors

This is a trend is one of the reasons I want to move house.. right now… I NEED a jazzy floor in my bathroom, yeah I could decorate my current bathroom, but I don’t want to spend anymore money on anything I can’t take with me. I’ve got an ashy vinyl wood flooring at the moment, and I do love it, don’t get me wrong, but I love the patterned floor trend more!

how to get a pinterest worthy bathroom


4. Unconventional Sinks

Another trend I’m absolutely in love with. Yes, they’re more expensive, but they make such a difference and really add that ‘pinterest’ look to a bathroom. They’re very popular in newer restaurants, which I also love, sometimes my favourite part of a meal is going to check out the swanky toilets!

how to get a pinterest worthy bathroom


5. Built-in Shower Shelves

This is one that I’m constantly seeing as I’m scrolling through Pinterest at the moment. This one might be a little trickier to create in your own home, but if you’re re-doing your bathroom, this will get you those extra Pinterest points for sure. Whether you choose to use a contrasting tile, or stick to the same, it’s a practical but suuuuper stylish way to jazz up your bathroom.

how to get a pinterest worthy bathroom




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18th October 2017
1st November 2017



  1. Reply


    26th October 2017

    I love this! I’m currently in the process of having my bathroom re-done and getting a bath caddy is high up on my list of must haves!

    • Reply


      26th October 2017

      It’s the only thing I’ve asked for for christmas! Hope it goes well! x

  2. Reply


    26th October 2017

    Love love love! Youve actually helped and inspired my true bathroom loves for when I move out! And so nicely written! 💕✨

    • Reply


      26th October 2017

      Amazing, so glad I could help! x