My Pink & Grey Interior Makeover

I was never a ‘girly’ girl, I never wanted anything Pink, it wasn’t really even on my interior radar before the last 6 months. It all started with wanting to brighten my living room up. I’d previously had the most gorgeous teal faux fur cushions on my sofa, I loved them (still do), but because my house is so tiny, and I barely open the blinds cause it startles me every time someone walks past, so it’s quite dark in the room. I’ve been seeing blush pink accents all around the blogosphere and pinterest for a while now, but was already pretty happy with how I’d chosen to decorate that I thought nothing of it.

I saw these cute blush pink faux fur cushions on the ASDA George website and thought I’d try them out and see if they’d brighten up the room, which they did – perfect. So naturally I wanted to replace all of the teal in the living/kitchen so that I had more of a consistent ‘theme’, something which I’m still in the process of doing, cause it’s hard and expensive to replace things.

This pink & grey theme worked itself into my new office area, with cute geometric candle holders from M&S and another one of those pink cushions to bring the whole room together. I also got myself a dark grey office chair from Amazon to match my soda and the whole Pink & Grey aesthetic I’ve got my eye on this pink lamp from M&S that would fit perfectly.

Pink & Grey

Next was my bedroom. With having a very fluffy little cat, my dark bedding always looked more like a rug than bedding. Every time I washed it, it was back to being a massive fur ball within a few days, I decided that I needed to get a lighter coloured bedding set so that, 1, it wasn’t as noticeable, and 2, that it would brighten up my room (I’m always fearful of living in a dingy space). I saw these plain coloured duvet covers and sheets from Dunelm – one of my favourites – and for the duvet cover (dusty pink), fitted sheet (silver), and 2 sets of pillow cases (dusty pink & silver) for £30, I knew that I wouldn’t be too out of pocket if I went off the whole ‘theme’ in a few months.

And finally, my bathroom. I previously had Navy towels from ASDA, I love them, but they’re STILL leaving blue fluff everywhere, after nearly a year, so it was time to say bye bye to them and go for something a little different. I say ‘different’, obviously I mean Pink & Grey! These towels are from Costco, they’re really soft and were really affordable – what more could I ask for?! I’ve got this amaaazing print from Desenio ready to hang up in this beautiful pink sea foam design that will really finish off the room.

Here’s some of my favourite Pink & Grey bits out there…


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15th January 2017
19th January 2017



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    18th January 2017

    Oh god this wishlist is KILLING me, I have a pink chair like the one in the wishlist in my room and I love it! It’s a part of my reading corner, so cute! I am in love with your decor girl and those pink cushions are amazing!

    Hayley xo

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      18th January 2017

      I’d love to have room for a reading corner, sounds like the dream! Thanks so much! x