My love for pink came a lot later in life, I was never a ‘girly’ girl growing up… but at 23 when I started furnishing my first house, all I wanted was pink. I settled for peachy pink accessories as I had a feeling that my infatuation would end pretty quickly… but here we are, two years later and I still can’t get enough. I have the biggest urge to paint my living room/ kitchen peachy pink, but because I’m wanting to move house this year (and feel that the current white walls are more sale-able – if that’s even a word), I’ll have to stick to dreaming for now. I want to bring in more warmth and personality to my home and I think a coat or two of paint on the walls would make such a difference.

It was this series from Citizens of Style that made me absolutely fall head over heels with the colour. I love the look of the wood and tan against the peachy pink walls – serious house goals! It’s a lot warmer than the ever-popular ‘Millennial Pink’, and I think it would be perfect with my grey sofa (something I won’t be able to afford to replace when I move, although I would LOVE a tan leather one) and the ashy tone of wood I’m slowly bringing in to my soft furnishings.

Photography + styling Citizens of Style

You might even have noticed the various peachy pink accents throughout my blog design.. it really is my favourite colour! I’ve ordered a tonne of paint swatches and hopefully will have a more definite idea of the exact colour I want by the time I move so I don’t waste any time! Gimme all the peachy pink.

I have a pinterest board full of some more amazing pink walls.



1st January 2018
7th January 2018