• My Homeware Haul

    14th July 2016

    So it seems I can’t stop buying things for my house, hence the homeware haul! I definitely spend more time looking for homeware accessories…

  • Favourites: Clothing Stores

    12th July 2016

    I’m going to do a ‘Favourites’ series, with everything from clothing stores (this post) to foods and everything in between.
    So my favourite clothing stores… here…

  • Payday Beauty Haul

    8th July 2016

    Obviously as soon as my pay cheque lands in my bank i start thinking about make up. It’s an addiction really…

    I’ve had my eye…

  • Holiday Bucket List

    6th July 2016

    It’s July, you only have to log in to any social media account for approximately 3.6 seconds to see holiday snaps from around the globe….

  • Becoming A Homeowner

    4th July 2016

    On the 11th of December 2015, I officially became a home owner. I’d been saving for years, putting whatever was left at the end…

  • My Favourite Bloggers

    2nd July 2016

    My first blog post was all about #girlpower and feeling inspired by different female bloggers. I thought i’d expand on that point and showcase…

  • What I Do

    28th June 2016

    I’m a Graphic Designer, that’s what i do as a job. It’s something I’ve been interested in for most of my life, I’ve always been creative and now i get paid to do it!

  • Get To Know Me

    26th June 2016

    I thought i’d do a little ’20 facts about me’ to get things going. I’m not going to say these will be all interesting facts, cause who really has 20 interesting facts about themselves?! Anyway… here we go!

  • ASOS Addict

    24th June 2016

    My ASOS saved items has about 90 items in at the moment, this is not unusual – i want everything!

  • #girlpower

    23rd June 2016

    My background is in Fashion, this means that i can’t help but read oodles of fashion blogs… They’re something i’m subconsciously drawn to… they’re so pretty!