New Look Beauty Review

Imagine my delight when I walked into my local New Look store and spotted the huuuge beauty stand near the tills. If there’s an opportunity to buy makeup and clothes at the same time, it’s a winner in my books. It’s all in beautiful, minimalistic (definitely just made that word up) packaging, ideal for displaying on your dressing table and including in blog posts!

I picked up 2 of their Matte Lipsticks (shades Rouge and Dusty Pink), a Nude Lip liner (which I’ve used loads of already so definitely not photogenic) and a Matte Nail Varnish (shade Dusty Pink – a perfect match for the Lipstick).

New Look Beauty Review

New Look Beauty Review

New Look Beauty Review

New Look Beauty Review

So… the ‘review’ bit:

The lipliner is actually really good, I use it underneath my NYX Cairo Liquid Lipstick everyday, it’s only £2.49 and comes in 12 shades, so there’s one for every lip shade. With it being super cheap, it doesn’t last that long, but it does fade quite evenly instead of just creating that horrific ring around your lips that makes you look like a weird nineties throwback.

The lipstick comes in loads of different colours which is great, they are quite a dry formula, but for less than £4, I wasn’t expecting them to be amazing. If you’re after an everyday lipstick, this probably isn’t it, but if you’re after a cheap one you can sling in your handbag for top ups and for getting ready for after work drinks, these are for you. I really loved the Rouge shade, it’s a really bright, vibrant, red, and the Dusty Pink is a really pretty, pinky nude.

This was my first ever Matte Nail Varnish, and I’ve gotta say, I LOVE it. It’s a lot more understated than the usual shiny, glossy ones, and was a really beautiful, nude colour. It was £2.99 and comes in 16 colours.

I thought I’d try to create two completely different looks with the lipsticks, a really pretty,  girly look with the Dusty Pink Lipstick and some beautiful *Ardell Double Up Lashes – Double Wispies from – I loooove these lashes, they’re so fluffy and light and i really like the look they help to create – not too ‘dramatic’ and really soft.

New Look Beauty Review


And for the Rouge Lipstick, I went for the *Eylure Definition Lashes 121 from,  a much more dramatic look. The lipstick makes me feel all glamorous, so these lashes add a really flirty, sexy feel and bring the whole look together. (I had to take these photos on my phone cause my camera is absolutely shit when I use it in artificial light so sorry they’re not very good!) This is definitely a look I’d rock for a night out, a Christmas party or maybe just a random Tuesday, cause who doesn’t want to feel glam on a Tuesday?!

New Look Beauty Review offer FREE first class delivery on all orders (no minimum spend), and there are soooo many to choose from!

Have you tried any of the New Look Beauty range? What do you think?

30th November 2016
11th December 2016