interiorsI know I’ve only been blogging for about a year and a half, so it might seem a little soon to be changing things up but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and when better, than the start of a new year to incite some much needed change? You’ll have seen more and more Interior style posts over the last month or two, and obviously that wasn’t an accident – it’s the future of my blog and I’m really excited to explore it more. I get so much inspiration from so many bloggers and instagramers and would love to be that source of inspiration for other people.

I have a huge interest and passion for interiors, I hardly ever buy clothes anymore, I spend all my spare money in IKEA and Homesense, so why not share that more? I’m thinking new purchases each month (how I style them and why I bought them), favourite shops to buy from (favourite pieces and how I’d style them) and where I get my inspiration from (favourite magazines, books and blogs) – they’re just a few ideas swirling round my head.

My Instagram has been mainly interiors for quite a while now, and I think I’m posting the kind of thing you want to see? My engagement has been so much better since I made the switch, and so has my following (even if it’s taken 10 months to gain 500). Obviously it’s not all about numbers, but it’s a good way of finding out if what you’re doing is good – well, that’s what I think it means anyway!

I’m also going to put less pressure on myself to blog, rather than finding something to write about that I’m not that interested in, wait until the inspiration comes, whether that’s me writing 3 posts in one day,  or none for a week – I think it will make my posts more interesting, more passionate, and more inspiring. So that’s my plans for my blog this year, I hope you’ll join me!

16th December 2017
5th January 2018