My Christmas List

ATTENTION FAMILY/ FRIENDS. Here is a ‘not so little’ list of everything I need (want) for Christmas! My ASOS saved items list is jam packed and I’m seriously lusting over one or two (or three) designer bags, shoes, you name it, I want it. This list is what I’m hoping to open on December 25th, but it might give you ideas for your list, or inspiration for a lady in your life. So… here it is!

This list might get longer, who am I kidding ‘might’? It WILL get longer. I feel like I haven’t properly shopped for ages, so there is sooo much I want at the moment. I’m hoping some of these go into the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales so that I can snatch them up myself ‘from me – to me’ style!

20th November 2016
25th November 2016