M&S – The high streets unsung hero

When I first had the idea of writing this post, I was like “Oooh, I’ll take some photos of my favourite bits from M&S, but then I realised that if I did that, this post would be about 30 pages long and no one would read it… So yeah, I’ve created a significantly shorter list of my faves, one that really highlights my love for the High street giant. I’ve shopped at Marks & Spencers ever since I can remember. My Mum & Grandma used to take us every Saturday so they could get their weekly fix and dragged us along with them – I’m glad they did. It made me appreciate the difference between cheap, ‘fast’ fashion and quality pieces which will stand the test of time. Recently, it’s been their homeware that I’ve become enamoured with, my house is full of little M&S touches, bringing life to what would be stark white rooms.

There’s a BIG misconception that M&S fashion is for the well… ‘older lady’, but I really couldn’t disagree more. They offer the most beautiful, classic pieces, which have begun to have a ‘younger’ twist over the last few years, keeping up to date with the current trends and how women choose to style themselves.

So here’s my Number 1: These boots… They’re in my shopping basket ready for Payday on Friday… If I can wait that long. Look how beautiful they are… and for under £40! They’ll be PERFECT in Spring, with some lighter coloured denim or with dresses. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m currently OBSESSED with blush tones, so of course I was going to love these! They also come in Black, if you want something a little bit more versatile, but yeah, these are perfect!


My Number 2THE jumper of 2017 (yes, I know it’s only January, but this jumper has been ALL OVER everything). It’s available in both this loooovely grey and yeah, you guessed it, pink – my fave! Again, this is in my basket ready for Payday, it’ll be perfect with skinny jeans, ‘mom’ jeans, skirts, and pretty much anything else. The flared/fluted sleeves are sooo popular right now, I’ve got my fair share of tops with that detail, and I really love it.


My Number 3M&S do THE BEST outerwear, I’ve got more than a few in my collection. It goes back to what I was saying earlier, the quality is amazing for their price point. Classic pieces, timeless styles and amazing quality. This coat is definitely on my wishlist, it’s 80% Wool and fully lined, so it feels far more expensive than it actually is. It’s a classic tailored style with the silver hardware as a modern twist. I love Camel coats, I think they make every outfit that little bit more chic.

Number 4 is this incredible bag! It’s probably one of the prettiest bags I’ve ever seen on the high street, do you agree? It incorporated the embroidery trend as well as the blush/ pink trend that’s everywhere at the moment. I love the size and shape of it, I think it’s really ladylike, but also really modern at the same time. You can carry it with the top handle, or with the strap across body. I really can’t get over how pretty it is!


And finally, my Number 5… obviously it’s going to be from their Homeware section. Every single room in my house has something from the M&S Home range. Whether it’s candle holders, tea towels, bedding sets or beautiful cushions throws, they sell some amazing pieces. I’ve got my eye on this artificial flower/ vase combo, it would be perfect in any room, with the marble detail and the pretty white flowers, it’s definitely something i’ll be acquiring very soon..

I hope I’ve inspired a few of you to re-think M&S and have a look at their beautiful, quality and classic pieces!

19th January 2017



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    29th January 2017

    I love this post. The beauty hall Is also so underrated. I now have my eye on that jumper…. xxx

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      30th January 2017

      They stock so many beauty brands, don’t they?! I love it! haha x