LVL Lashes – Before & After

Now if you’ve read some of my recent posts (Let’s Talk Lashes – I’ll wait while you’ve caught up..,) you’ll know all about my eyelash journey. You might not even care, but this kind of post is something I was desperately searching for before i got my LVL Lashes, so I’m doing this for people who are/were in my position and want to know more. My eyelashes weren’t in terrible condition, which I’m really surprised about after wearing extensions for 2 years, so the length wasn’t something that bothered me. The part that I found really irritating was that, no matter how long i squeezed and squeezed my eyelash curlers round my lashes, as soon as i put any mascara on, they were back to square one – a complete waste of time on a morning.


LVL Lashes - Before & After

These are my eyelashes before… yeah, you can barely see them! My eyelashes have always been quite fair, providing absolutely no definition around my eyes without the assistance of various different eyeliners/ mascaras/ eye shadows. They don’t look anything special here, cause they’re not, my eyes are quite small, and having little stubby eyelashes didn’t help in opening them up.

I was kindly invited* by the lovely Lorna down to Pin Up Beauty after a recommendation from Nouveau Lashes (the people who invented the treatment) on twitter (@nouveaulashes) to finally take the plunge and get LVL Lashes.  I was so excited at the thought of having beautiful, long and voluminous lashes again, of course I said yes! Pin Up Beauty is on Great George Street in Leeds, you have to go downstairs in Whiteley Hair Studio, so it’s a bit of a hidden gem. The decor is suuuper glam (like the name suggests), settling all doubts in my mind (anyone else get this with new beauty/ hair places??) and making me feel even more exciting about what was gunna happen.

LVL Lashes - Before & After

We chatted about my blog, eyelashes and other girly bits and I felt so comfortable and at ease. I think it makes such a difference when you get any beauty or hair treatment done, nobody wants to be sat in a room with someone for 45 mins – 1 hour (how long the treatment takes) in silence, feeling nervous and on edge.

The LVL Lash lift is completely painless, and to be fair, quite relaxing (part of it includes laying with a towel over your eyes, which when you’re hungover – like i was – is an absolute god send!). I was 100% not prepared for how good my eyelashes were about to look when Lorna passed me the mirror. I never knew natural lashes could look so long and well, lifted!


LVL Lashes - Before & After

Not even a smidgen of mascara and just look at them! Such amazing results, i definitely recommend both Pin Up Beauty and LVL Lashes!

11th September 2016
18th September 2016