This is my first time actually living in a renovation and I can honestly say – I don’t recommend it. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust and shutting the doors to the ‘nice’ rooms doesn’t prevent the dust leaking in. We’re getting through the rooms pretty quickly – it’s been just over 3 months and we’ve finished the loft bedroom and bathroom, my bedroom (apart from a few finishing touches) and are about halfway through the kitchen renovation. It could be a lot worse.

living in a renovation

(This is my ‘during’ of my kitchen – I can’t wait until it’s finished!)

It’s nice to have a ‘safe space’ in my bedroom and go there quite often to escape the ‘not done’ rooms. I feel proud at the work we’ve done (mainly my Dad, but it’s been a team effort) in such a short space of time and can really see it all taking shape and becoming the home I’ve wanted for so many years.

As a family, every home has been renovated before we moved in. My parents first home was a project, so was my childhood home, and the home they moved into when I was 22. We lived with my Grandparents while all of the work was done and it meant that we didn’t have to live amongst the un-plastered walls and dusty surfaces. My first home was also a project but I was fortunate enough to still have lived with my parents while the renovations happened – but not this house.

This house was different – not only because of Nala (my cat), but because I had an entire house full of stuff that needed to go somewhere and I couldn’t afford to have all of my stuff in storage – and I didn’t want to. I’ve still got about 20 boxes that are yet to be unpacked, full of nik-naks and homely bits, all without a home, just yet. They’re all waiting for their ‘home’ to be finished so they can emerge from their boxes and live on my various shelves and styled surfaces.

living in a renovation

(This is my ‘during’ for my bedroom – wait until you see the finished result – you can get a sneaky peek over on my instagram)

I’ve not had a kitchen for about 3 weeks so far and it’s hard, there’s no surfaces to make sandwiches on, I’ve gone through pretty much every microwavable meal there is and I’m a bit fed up of washing up in the bath… But I know it’ll be so so worth it when it’s finished. The kitchen was the room I hated the most and the progress we’ve made so far is amazing. There’s been a few set backs (a small accidental fire that scorched the worktop and still needs replacing and my Dad with suspected food poisoning meaning no work is being done until he’s fully recovered) but I can see the finish line and I’m so excited to be able to spend some time in there. I never had a proper kitchen in my old house, it was all one room and one of the reasons I wanted to move house, so this is quite a big deal for me!

So yeah, that’s what it’s like living in a renovation so far- wish me luck with the rest of it!

Here are a few links to the finished rooms – my bedroom reveal will be coming very soon – just a few finishing touches to be done!

Office/ Loft Bedroom 

En-suite Bathroom

29 October 2018