I’m sure you’ll have heard of the infamous Harrods Christmas Store – it’s a magical world of all things festive and a must-do if you’re in London in the winter months. I’ve grown up around Harrods Christmas decorations, my Mum still has some she bought before I was born (25 years ago), so the quality really does speak for itself! They have such a huge range of decorations, so whatever your colour scheme, there’s more than a few options to choose from. Their collection of London themed decorations are perfect for souvenirs if you’re visiting, or just know someone who’s obsessed with all things quintessentially British. That perfect little bit of festive luxury.

I was lucky enough to be sent these insanely beautiful baubles to add to my ever-growing Christmas decoration collection. These are my first ever Harrods baubles, and honestly, you can tell the quality just by looking at them. They feel well made and they’ve got a lovely weight to them – not like the cheap and cheerful ones I got from various supermarkets last year. Yes, they’re more expensive, but if they last 25 years, they are more than worth it! I know that these baubles are going to stay with me for a lot longer than the 20 for £5 set from ASDA, they’re timeless and elegant – exactly how I want my Christmas decor to be.

It’s a little too early to put the tree up (even though I desperately want to), so I thought I’d create a little Christmas scene with these beautiful baubles. The Fireplace design is probably my favourite, it looks so festive but so elegant at the same time. The H Ceramic style in White, Green and Red are the perfect additions to any Christmas tree. They’re also the ideal pre-Christmas present to any Harrods fan. By now you know I love anything personalised/ with an initial on, so when I opened up this Mini G Ceramic bauble, I knew it  would be the perfect little festive treat for my Grandma. Usually whenever we go to London around Christmas, we make sure we pop into the Harrods Christmas store to lust over the beautiful decorations, but we didn’t get chance when we went a few weeks ago, so it was nice to be able to continue the tradition even if we didn’t get to enter the motherland of Christmas decorations.

  • The baubles were a gift from Harrods to feature on my blog.
1 November 2017
9 November 2017