I’ve posted a lot about my love for the dark side of interiors recently but my need to still have light and bright spaces means that I couldn’t fully venture into the all dark everything look.

I love my bedroom because of how bright it is when the sun shines through my window, and that’s partly down to the white walls and furniture that help to keep it bright and airy. My bedding is mainly white and the artwork I’ve chosen is predominantly white, so yeah, you could say it’s a white room. I do have a mid grey carpet and grey and pink cushions to bring in some more colour and texture to the space. When I first bought my house, all I wanted was to make it light and bright. The previous owner had questionable taste when it came to decorating and opted for dark terracotta walls and a dark red carpet in the really narrow stairs and landing which, let’s be honest, looked horrific, but it also spurred me into painting everything white to counteract the dingey and depressing decor.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite light & bright interior styles from the wonderful world of instagram.

@charlotteasquith has the most beautiful home and her dining/kitchen is one of my favourites. The amount of light flooding into every bit of the room is accentuated with the white walls and it makes the whole space look so bright and airy. I also love the greenery she’s brought it, in really brings the space to life.

If you don’t follow Olivia from @lustliving, what are you doing with your life?  She is an incredibly talented at interior styling and her home is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Her home is so light & bright but she brings in the warmth through her soft furnishings and accessories.

Talk about bathroom goals… Kate from @overatkates has created such a beautiful, relaxing space with a mixture of texture and pattern. The subway style tiles on the walls and white suite help to create the light & bright space, while the patterned floor tiles and shower curtain help to bring a subtle hint of the darker side to lift the room.

@design_soda_ruthie. Proving that your walls don’t have to be white for the room to be light & bright. This subtle pink shade still allows the light to bounce off the walls but brings in a touch of warmth to the space. She’s kept all of her furnishings on the light side too so the room has a really calming feel.

Obviously I had to include @kate.lavie in this post, the Queen of creating light & bright spaces. Her home is always perfectly styled and the furnishes she chooses are always calming colours, which means every space stays lovely and bright.

14th February 2018
12th March 2018