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As you’ll probably have realised by now, I spend a lot of my free time in bed. It’s my favourite place – I watch TV in it, I work in it, I keep cosy in it and obviously I sleep in it. I’d had my old mattress for about 7 years and I’ll be honest and say it was disgusting… fake tan stained, lumpy and just not doing it for me anymore. It was my first double mattress and I don’t think it was cheap (thanks Mum and Dad), but since I moved into my house 2 years ago, I’ve not slept the whole night through, meaning I’ve been tired for about 2 years… not exactly ideal! And so my search for a better nights sleep began..

Finding the right mattress in a store can be so difficult, you sit on the edge… seems comfy, lay down (like no one has ever laid down before)… yeah seems ok, bounce around a bit… yeah should be ok…. and then you’ve got to shell out quite a substantial amount of money on something you’ve only experienced for 5 minutes max. Store purchases rarely have a money back guarantee, so if you decide you don’t like it when it arrives at your house, you’re pretty much back in the same position you were in before you bought the new mattress – doesn’t seem right, does it?

Luckily, before I took the plunge and bought one myself (I was so close to clicking the ‘continue to checkout’ button so many times) the lovely team at Leesa got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their mattress.. obviously it was a huge yes from me. It’s one of the brands I’d been looking on my search so it was a perfect partnership! The ‘mattress in a box’ element had always intrigued me, like how does it fit in such a small box?! The delivery was so so quick, like 3 days quick, they use UPS as their courier, which means that you can’t track the delivery down to a shorter time frame between 9am and 7pm (slightly annoying as I had plans for the day) but it arrived at 2pm, and then I lugged it up my narrow and steep stairs and watched it do it’s magic. I thought I’d struggle on my own with the unboxing and putting onto my bed part, but it wasn’t too strenuous, and that’s coming from a person with zero upper body strength! I cut the shrink wrap plastic off and watched it rise, it literally took seconds. They say to give it at least an hour before testing it out, which I did.. well maybe 59 minutes (I was too excited) and honestly, it was love from there..


One thing I was a bit concerned about before I received my Leesa, was that there are no firmness options. There’s only one mattress (in different sizes, of course) and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I literally had nothing to worry about, it’s possibly the comfiest mattress I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping on, and I think I’ve got quite high standards!

My favourite thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t feel Nala (that fluffy thing in the next photo… no, not the cushion) creeping onto my bed, I think it’s the memory foam part of the mattress (total winner if you’re sharing the bed with a fidgeter!) and it means that I don’t get woken up… so that’s one huge bonus point for my ‘get a better nights sleep’ mission.


(she seems to love it as well!)

Another benefit I’ve noticed since receiving my Leesa mattress is that my back pain has drastically reduced. I used to get back ache if I’d spent the day in bed (watching Netflix and working usually), but that hasn’t happened at all. Other days I’d wake up stiff and in pain, again, I can’t remeber the last time that happened.. I didn’t think a mattress could make that much of a difference!

So has my Leesa mattress helped in my mission to get a good nights sleep? 100%. If you’re struggling and not getting the sleep you need, I would definitely recommend getting yourself one. I’ve slept so so so much better (apart from the whining noises Nala sometimes makes in the middle of the night to keep me on my toes) and the only thing that’s changed is the mattress.

Leesa offer a 100 night money back guarantee, so if it’s not for you (which I doubt), you can send it back and get a full refund – definitely worth giving it a go! If you do send the mattress back, they give it to charity (which I think is pretty cool) so it’s not going to waste. They also donate one mattress to charity for every 10 they sell, even more of a reason to choose your mattress from Leesa! Yes the mattress was sent to me for review, but honestly, I would spend the money myself if I knew it could change my sleeping habits so much and help me to get a better nights sleep.

If you follow this link, you can save £80 on a Leesa Mattress! (I don’t make any money from that, just a nice little bonus for you!)

This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Mattress for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.

23 March 2018
30 March 2018



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    Holly Homan

    27 March 2018

    This looks fantastic! I’ll be in the market for a new mattress after my holiday in around July and didn’t even know this brand existed till today!

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      27 March 2018

      It’s so comfortable, it was one of the brands I was looking at and so pleased I got to test it out!