Jumpin’ Jumpsuits

So, I don’t know about you, but i’m freezing and thought of having to wear dresses on the many nights out that happen during winter and the ‘festive’ season sends shudders through my whole body (thinking of actual shivering in the cold). What’s the solution? Jumpsuits. They may be incredibly tricky to manoeuvre whenever you pop toilet – who am I kidding, you can never just ‘pop’ to the toilet when you’re wearing a Jumpsuit, it’s more like a military operation, one that definitely involves bringing a friend along for ‘unfastening / fastening’ duties.

They keep your legs nice and warm, look super chic and are generally pretty flattering on most body types. If i’m honest, I’ve only got 1 myself, i struggle finding ones that have a longer torso, but with the ever growing ‘Tall’ collections, I’ve got a feeling, that’s about to change… just look at these absolute beauts…

2nd October 2016