My January Spending Ban

Ok, so it may have only lasted like 22 days, but I’m actually really proud of how long my January spending ban lasted. Of course I bought food and necessities like petrol, but I didn’t buy anything for myself, no clothes, no makeup, no unnecessary rubbish that I didn’t need.

I had an unexpected big-ass vets bill around New Year (thanks Nala…) and a big credit card bill (slightly expected) so I knew that Decembers’ wage wasn’t going to get me through to the end of January very easily – time for a spending ban!  The one thing that I really struggled with not splurging on was makeup… like it was really hard not to wander into Boots and pick up another new eyeshadow palette. I had to talk myself out of going anywhere near a shopping centre, and to be fair, a trip to my local one is what made me eventually fall off the wagon after a grand total of 22 days.

It might sound pathetic that I only lasted that long, but I actually get a kick out of spending money – some might call that an addiction… but yeah, I really enjoy shopping. I caved and bought a knitted lounge wear set from H&M (top here, the bottoms must’ve sold out! ) and a cute little bottle from Next to take my fave juice to work in. It could’ve gone a lot worse if I actually bought all the bits that I’ve been lusting over for the last month, so really, I was quite restrained! Having said that, I have made quite a large Matalan order that should be arriving later today, but yeah,  I’ll probably ending up returning a good portion of it ( I always do with online orders, I struggle to find clothes that fit every part of my body at the same time – the curse of being curvy!).

The only way I got through my January spending ban was to watch a hell of a lot of Netflix, films and just generally trying not to leave the house unless I really needed to. It’s so hard living less than 5 minutes away from a big shopping centre, and reading blog posts/ watching YouTube videos all featuring beautiful goodies and not be able to pick up my favourite bits.

I’ve still got around £100 left of my wage, to last me until tomorrow, so I think that’s pretty damn good going! If I did that every month (with the added £250 of unexpected bills), I might actually be able to start saving again! It’s been really frustrating that I’ve not been able to save any money since I moved into my house, nearly a year ago. I’ve saved ever since I can remember, It’s instilled in me that I need to have some money stored away for the ‘next big thing’ I need. I’ve got the house, now I just want a bigger car, a Chanel bag and a holiday to New York – no one can say I’m not ambitious!

31st January 2017