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I must spend at least 30 minutes of every day scrolling through the ASOS website, and now that they do homeware, it’s doubled. They started bringing in a few homeware pieces last year (I think?) but they recently released their own range – ASOS Supply. The designs are unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else on the UK  highstreet and the price point is SO affordable. I was kindly given the opportunity to pick some of my favourite pieces – spoiler alert – they’re all my favourite pieces.

I did get some bits for my upcoming bathroom renovation, so you’ll see those in the next couple of months but I mainly went for dining/kitchen accessories, which I’ll show you now:

My mum came over to help me organise my spare room/ office so I thought I’d do us a nice little lunch and test out my new ASOS Supply pieces at the same time.

You might have already realised by now that I love to look and texture that Bamboo brings to a space, and luckily for me, ASOS Supply has loads of it! I wanted to bring some more ‘life’ into my kitchen so decided to pick up this lovely bamboo planter, it’s actually bigger than I expected (I never read sizes…) but is actually the perfect size for sitting on my worktop. I picked up a plant from a local garden centre and am really pleased with how it all turned out!

asos supplySticking with the Bamboo theme, ASOS have a couple of different style/colour bamboo bowls, I got this set, which has a large bamboo outer/black inner ‘chip’ bowl and a smaller orange outer/ bamboo inner ‘dip’ bowl. We had the dips on the side, so I used it for a bit of shredded lettuce, balance. The serving bowl is a great size for pulled pork nachos by the way…

asos supplyNow, I’m not 100% sure this kitchen serving set is the best tool for scooping out nachos, but they’re probably the most beautiful serving utensils I’ve ever owned, so we used them. They’re chrome, with a long gold handle – I love mixing metals, and so do ASOS, so that’s great with me. They feel really good quality and are definitely not the kind of thing you hide away in a drawer.

asos supplyI also picked up this set of 2 pouring bowls, again, I’m not sure we’ve used them right here, but they go PERFECTLY in my monochrome kitchen, don’t they?! I popped a few of my ultimate favourite treats in (cream cheese stuffed peppers) and never looked back. They’d be great for extra dips to go with the dip and chip set that I featured before.

asos supplySpeaking of my monochrome kitchen… I thought I’d add a little pop of colour in the form of this 3 pack of woven strip tea towels. I love the vibrant colours they’ve used in all of their soft furnishings, they have some beautiful towels, rugs and blankets, so definitely have a look if you’re wanting to add your own pop of colour.

asos supply

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11 February 2019
27 February 2019