I’ve got a feeling this little title will have quite a few ‘parts’ to it. I’m forever coming across blogs, websites, magazines, instagram accounts and pinterest accounts that really fill me with interior inspiration. My own Pinterest is a good 90% interiors, with my current favourite board being ‘indoor plants‘, I just can’t get over how talented some people of the internet are! I’m hoping, that if you’re reading this, you’re ready to be inspired? So let’s get into it…

Emily Henderson of and em_henderson on Instagram.

Now, with 614K followers on instagram, I’m obviously not the only person who finds oodles of inspiration from Emily. She’s a stylist (amongst other things) with her own interior design company. Her portfolio is absolutely breathtaking, the way she can style up and transform a space really makes my love for interiors quadruple in size every time I see a recent project.

interior inspiration

interior inspiration

Victoria Jackson of and victoria_aptno4 on instagram.

She’s a huge inspiration to me in the blogging world and one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. She posts interior inspiration for whatever budget you might have, interior trends and looks inside some of the most amazingly designed homes (including her own – photos below). She also has a monthly magazine, 4, which you 100% need to sign up for, it’s not only beautifully presented (pleasing the graphic designer in me) but it also showcases some amazing interior inspiration.

interior inspiration

interior inspiration

Kate Watson-Smyth of and mad_about_the_house on instagram

Probably one of my most recent sources of inspiration when it comes to interiors. I’ve followed her on instagram for a while, but have only recently started to obsess over her blog. The photography she puts out is simply stunning. She posts about her own inspiration, and has her own design consultancy, spreading her talent and showcasing her work.

interior inspiration

interior inspiration

Image credit: Karen Knox of Making Spaces 

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26th July 2017