I Sold my House!

So yeah, the title says it all really… I sold my house and am currently on the hunt for my next project! It’s been about 4 years since I got the keys to this house and it’s absolutely flown by. I’ve renovated every room, every wall, every floor and all of the rest – but it’s all done and ready to be someone else’s home.

I thought I’d share some of the estate agent photos that helped me sell my house in a week and what i’ve done to each room to get it to this point…

Living room

For this room i’ve added new laminate flooring,new windows, new blinds, painted everywhere, built alcove storage on the right to match the original built-in on the left, new fireplace, new front door.


This room also had a full renovation. New kitchen cupboards and laminate worktop, tiles (walls and floor), new sink, tap and appliances, new window and blind, new cellar door, painted everywhere.

i sold my house


This room was rearranged to fit a 4 piece suite in easily and create more space in the centre. New shower, cubicle, bath, vanity unit, toilet, boiler storage, taps, tiling, added a shelf ledge for mirror, new window and blind, spotlights added, new flooring.

i sold my house

Main Bedroom

This room has had a few variations within the 4 years. New flooring, built in IKEA pax wardrobes into the alcoves, painted everywhere, new window and blind, added ceiling rose, bedside table boxes, panel behind headboard.

i sold my house

Spare bedroom

This room had a rather interested woodland mural when I moved in so definitely needed a refresh! Painted everywhere, new carpet, built in desk area.

Spare bedroom ensuite

This room had a shower in the corner when I bought it… not even high enough to stand up in… so that went! New sink vanity, flooring, built storage, new spotlights, tiling above vanity, painted everywhere.


This was all just gravel when I bought it so required quite a bit of vision to see the potential. Added decking area, re-made steps so they weren’t a hazard, paved path, new fence and gate, gravel section, artificial grass section, planters along borders.

i sold my house

So there we are – I sold my house! Wish me luck in finding my next venture!

22 March 2022
9 July 2022