How to Spoil your Mum

This year Mother’s Day falls on the 26th of March (DON’T FORGET!), so I thought I’d put together a little list of the things you can do and buy for your lovely Mum- she’s the reason you’re here, after all! I’m on a pretty low income, I’ve got a mortage to pay and a fluffy little thing to look after so I often live paycheque to paycheque. Saying that, I NEVER forget to spoil my Mum on Mother’s Day, whether that’s with presents, or just being all cute and making her feel special.

  1. Take her to lunch.

    Whether you splash the cash and take her to a fancy restaurant, or take her out for her favourite coffee and cake at a local cafe, I’m more than sure she’ll appreciate the thought and effort. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but it’s nice to return the favour after all of the lunches she’s bought you!

  2. Buy her flowers.

    Again, they don’t need to be those huge bouquets you see when you walk past your local florist. Like yeah, of course if you can afford it, go for it, but there are some really great bunches available in supermarkets and Marks & Spencers. M&S is usually my go-to, there’s so many different kinds to choose from, I know what my Mum loves, so I make sure to pick them up for her.

  3. Treat her to a Spa day

    This one can be slightly more pricey, but it’s a treat for both of you – you work hard too! You could always buy her a massage or pedicure at your local beauty salon if you’re more strapped for cash. My sister and I often buy our Mum beauty treatments for Birthdays/Christmas/Mother’s Day – it’s nice to spoil her and make her feel special!

  4. Create a Memory Book

    This is something I really enjoy doing, whether you just get a photo of the two of you framed, or create a little book with your favourite memories and photos you’ve got printed at Boots, it’s a really cute thing to do. A lot of the time my Mum tells me not to worry about getting her anything, cause she knows I’m poor, but this one is an easy, low cost way to show her how much you love her. Bonus points if you make her cry!

  5. Buy a thoughtful Gift

    If she has a favourite Candle or Beauty product in John Lewis, get her that. If she loves gardening, get her a gift voucher so she can go and pick all her favourite plants at your local garden centre. If she’s had her eye on that snuggly jumper in M&S, surprise her. Treat her to her favourite thing, it shows you care and know what she’s interested in!