I never used to be a fan of a feature wall. The feature walls I remember are from the 00’s – and they were always either some drab floral wallpaper or an unsightly contrasting coloured wall and just really not something that would set the interior world alight – but modern interior design has 100% changed my mind, and I hope this post changes yours too! Gone are the days of that depressing floral wallpaper and detached looking block coloured wall, luckily, we’re into a time of innovative design and the talented people of Instagram and Pinterest.

Creative Panelling

The wonderful Karen from welliguessthisisgrowingup created this amazing hexagonal panelled wall – it’s epitome of a modern feature wall and could be recreated in any colour scheme and would still make a real statement. You could paint it the same colour as the rest of your room and then have the 3d texture on your feature wall or use tonal shades and have your darker wall with the panelling to add texture and depth to the wall.

This geometric panelling taken from paradeofhomestc on instagram is a great modern feature wall. It adds so much life to what would have been a blank wall, and is relatively easy to recreate.



Cladding would have the same effect as panelling, but is slightly more understated. Even though it’s simple, there are still quite a few options, including different widths and directions. This example, (taken from stylecurator) is so subtle, but still so effective and adds some lovely texture to what would otherwise be a bare wall.

Green panel wall


Wallpaper has come a long way in the last 10 years, there’s every single pattern available you can think of, all helping to create modern feature walls. Polka dots are a huge ongoing trend, and add a real sense of fun to any room. This photo from sunnycirclestudio shows just how effective a feature wallpaper can be.

Inside The Bright + Happy Home Of Sunny Circle Studio's Erin Wheeler | Glitter Guide

This window effect wallpaper as featured on threeboysandapinkbath instagram is definitely scroll-stopping. It’s such a statement wall, and shows how effective a modern feature wall can be. Sofie has a beautiful home with a few other feature walls, if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Large Art

Large statement art pieces make can completely transform a room. This photo was found on we-heart would be quite easy to recreate if you couldn’t afford an original art piece. Choose a feature colour and experiment with different brushes and techniques to create your custom artwork. I think I might give this one a go myself, fingers crossed it looks this good!

New kid on the block: fresh Millennial hotel brand gets to grips with its local community in downtown NY...

This incorporates both the cladding and large art techniques, but I think it’s probably my favourite of them all. The cladding adds some subtle background texture, while the large art adds depth and colour in such a statement way. Image found here.

Shiplap panels in the entryway are so cool an casual with an edge Design by Dana Wolter Interiors



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    4 September 2021

    Hi! I love the smoky teal paint color in the picture about “cladding”. What color is that?? Thank you!

    • Reply


      20 September 2021

      Hi, I’ve linked the source of the original photo in the text, if you have a click through they might have listed it!

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    12 January 2021

    What is the paint color in the lighter blue hemolytic paneling ?

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      13 January 2021

      Hi, the original source didn’t give that information, sorry!

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    12 September 2020

    Trying to get the color for the 2nd wall in the photo above cladding.

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    19 August 2020


    I Love the idea of recreating a big an art piece! However where would could I find a canvas or paper that large? And how to frame it? Thank you!

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      23 August 2020

      You could try local art shops, or possibly build a frame and stretch the canvas yourself?