My Homeware Haul

So it seems I can’t stop buying things for my house, hence the homeware haul! I definitely spend more time looking for homeware accessories than I do looking for clothes – something I thought would never happen. I’m quite impressed with how much pride I take in my home, I was always pretty messy when I lived with my parents or at uni but I haven’t had to do one colossal tidy up since I moved in in February.

I’ve got my eye on an Eames Rocking Chair, which I’m preparing to order, and that’s making me pretty excited. I may need to re-jigg (is that how you spell it?) my living room to fit in in, but I’ll figure it out! And yes, I will be popping it on here when it’s arrived!

Here’s a few bits I’ve picked up recently:

First up in my homeware haul we’ve got this, technically a plant pot, but my new make up brush tub. It was £3? from IKEA, so a lot cheaper than other ones I’ve been looking at. I have quite a hefty collection of makeup brushes (I should have probably cleaned them all before taking the photos, but that would be soooo unrealistic and who can be bothered with things like that, really?) so I needed somewhere to put them, cause at the moment, they’re completely taking over my dressing table, and I need more room for makeup…


My bedroom is kind of Moroccan theme, so I’ve been struggling to find something that wasn’t ultra modern, and glass would be very impractical with my destructive cat, Nala. You can see some more photos of my bedroom here.

Next we have some goodies from M&S Home. Because I spend so much money with them, it means that I get early access to their sales, and sometimes better discounts through their loyalty scheme, Sparks. I got the email last week offering me early access and 50% off, so I immediately dropped everything and scoured the website in search of a few things I had my eye on.

Look how cute and tiny and pink this pineapple candle is?! I would definitely say i’m not a ‘pink’ person, but lately I’ve been drawn to it and I’m not mad about it.


I can’t find it on their website, so it must’ve sold out in the sale (I think it was only £3). I can’t say it smells of much , but it’s super cute and I don’t care!

Also, shout out to the notebook in this photo, from IKEA, metallic pink and orange shapes, what’s not to love?

I also bought this 3 pack of Tea Towels, I know, I know, super glam and exciting… But seriously, my tea towels always seem to disappear, so I was in desperate need of some new ones. I absolutely looooove the patterns on them, I think they’re really different and will really brighten up my kitchen. I’ve used their photo to show you, cause to be honest, you can’t tell what they are from my photos – note to self – must practice photographing tea towels more!


My living room and kitchen are in the same room, and teal is my accent colour throughout. I thought these would be a great fit, and who doesn’t love peacocks (are they even peacocks)?


…And that’s it for now, until I accidentally stumble into IKEA or Asda Living or M&S or anywhere that sells pretty things…

What’s your favourite? Is anyone else addicted to homeware, or is it just me?

17th July 2016



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    15th July 2016

    Love everything!! <3

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      15th July 2016

      Thank youuuu

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    14th July 2016

    Those tea towels are seriously gorgeous, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted to buy tea towels before haha 🙂 I get what you mean about being tidier, I’m a total slob but when I had my own place I was super tidy because it was all mine!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

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      14th July 2016

      So pretty, right? It’s the washing up I can’t get my head around, it piles up so quickly! haha