Hemp Hand Protector – LIMITED-EDITION

If you’ve ever been to The Body Shop, you’ll have seen their Hemp Hand Protector. It’s one of their most popular products, you’ll see it in every Body Shop store, and you probably know someone who swears by it. It’s made from cold-pressend hemp seed oil and is super hydrating for your skin. Dry skin isn’t something I usually suffer with, but I always have a tube of hand cream in my handbag, you know, just in case.

The Body Shop are well known for their cruelty free, ethically sourced products and their mission to enrich the planet as well as the people in it. To go along with this limited edition version of their Hemp Hand Protector, £1.50 of every purchase will be donated to protect and enrich the planet, the oceans or animals and people. You get to decide, you pick the cause you believe in most and they do the rest.

hemp hand cream

The bestseller just got a bold Limited Edition packaging re-design by one of the world’s most renowned street artists – EINE. The design is based around EINE’s famous typography and the message ‘CHANGE’ helps to further the Body Shop’s mission to make a positive different in people’s lives across the world. ‘CHANGE’ is in your hands (literally, it’s on the tube), and you can make a difference. I think it’s nice for a company to actually care about the world and help to spread a positive message, something which we’re in desperate need of at the moment – what is wrong with the world recently?!

Even down to the ingredients they use, like Hemp, it’s four times more effective at capturing CO2 than trees and helps to support local biodiversity by providing a habitat for everything from birds to spiders and any other little creature that needs somewhere to live. You know that when you buy something from The Body Shop, you’re buying something that’s natural, ethical and is most probably going to do what you need it to.

hemp hand cream

That’s why, when I received* this snazzy new tube in the post, I knew I wasn’t gunna be disappointed. The consistency is sooo creamy and thick, basically everything I – and most people – look for in a hand cream. I feel like it’s one of those creams that when you shake someones hand, they’re like “Oooh, your hands are so soft!” and you feel super good about yourself for the rest of the day… just me? I used it after washing up, something which usually takes forever. I leave it til I’ve used pretty much every bit of crockery/ cutlery I own, cause I’m super lazy and there’s no one to tell me to do it. This means that my hands are actually preeeetty shrivelled up after being in water for all that time and in need of some nourishing hydration – the perfect time to moisturise.

My hands instantly soaked it all up and they’re still silky smooth as I write this hours later. It’s the mark of a good product when you can still feel it working looong after you’ve applied it.

Have you tried it? What do you think of the new packaging?


You can learn more about the message behind the re-packaging and about the causes you can help to support here.

14th August 2016