Getting Organised

The power of self motivation.

This is my first goal of 2017, to get organised. If you read my 17 Things I Want To Do In 2017 post… I’ll wait while you’ve caught up if not!

You’ll know that the first thing on my list was…

#1. Be more organised, make notes, write ideas down (blog and real life related).

So I’ve grabbed my diary, some multi coloured pens and a mug of hot chocolate and I’m beginning to plan my 2017. I’ve just planned my blog posts for the rest of the month (I know it’s not that far ahead, but it’s definitely a start!) and I’ve popped in all the big events throughout the year (my TWENTY FIFTH birthday is probably the only one I’m petrified about) and started to record my blog stats for the month. I’ve used different coloured pens for different elements, black is publish a post, blue is notes, purple is photography and so on….

I only started blogging in June 2015, so really not that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but this is probably the only ‘hobby’ that has actually inspired me to be better. I’ve had such great feedback from everyone which really means a lot, and really makes me want to take it further.

One of the only things I asked for Christmas was this insanely beautiful diary from Kikki K. My sister (thanks babes) stuck it under the tree for me, and it’s honestly the PERFECT diary for me. There’s plenty of room for writing, you can have lists down the side and monthly goals at the beginning of each month. You can also record your water intake, goals and priorities for each week too, which I’m determined to use to get myself get organised.

It has loads of notes pages in the back, which is where I’ve decided to write down my monthly blog statistics, to track how I’m doing and learn what I could be doing better. I’m gunna include the most popular post of the month, and if I see a pattern, I know that the subject is important to my audience (you guys) and I’ll try increase that aspect more. I’m obviously going to write about things that I find important, but I want to keep you guys happy and involved in my journey. I don’t know if I do have any regular readers, but I’d like to think at least a few people care about what I’m saying!





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    20th January 2017

    I’m glad to hear you’re becoming more organized! I feel like blogging has helped me improve that as well! I have two notebooks that I carry with me everywhere; my blogging notebook and my bullet journal! It’s so helpful, and keeps my life way more put together than I used to have it. xxx

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      20th January 2017

      I think i’ll start with a bullet journal next year, it looks really useful! Do you get on with that style of organisation easily? x