If you read my ‘ALL NATURAL’ blog post, you’ll have seen the beautiful woven basket from Artisans + Adventurers – I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about the brand as they were new to me and I love finding new places to buy homeware.

Where did it all start and what inspired you to start Artisans + Adventurers?

I met my business partner Bee Friedmann 5 years ago whilst out walking our dogs in our local park in East London. Bee is originally from South Africa and was regularly adventuring to Kenya and Tanzania to bring back crafts such as basket weaving and textiles with small artisan groups. Seeing an opportunity to develop the crafts further she invited me to join her on a 5 week trip to Kenya to work on some new designs with the groups she new there. We started off by developing a jewellery line made from recycled brass and aluminium to sell alongside the colourful woven baskets and hand loomed textiles there. We were both inspired to create Artisans & Adventurers as we saw the need for a lifestyle and homeware store where everything was ethically sourced. We love colour and handcrafts and wanted Artisans & Adventurers to be the antithesis to mass-produced or minimalist styling that was saturating the mainstream market.

What inspires you when you’re looking for new products to sell?

We love colour and pattern but the thing that inspires us the most is meeting the people who are creating our designs. We recently returned from a production trip to India where we have been developing our own design textiles and rugs. The factory where our rugs are made looks like a temple, all of the walls leading up to it are painted in colourful murals and inside the workshops are vast and airy with leafy gardens out the back where the indigo dyed textiles are stone washed and hung out to dry on lines overlooked by hills.

What is your favourite piece you stock at the moment?

Our new Rwandan bowl baskets are great for brightening up tables and bowls. Sourced by Bee and designed by Amy the three patterns are inspired by day moving into night. The bowls can be used for fruit, trinkets or can be hung on the wall as art.

Where/who do you get your interior inspiration from?

Travelling inspires us the most, its always fascinating to see a fresh perspective on interiors. In Kashmir we were obsessed with the use of pattern on every surface, walls, floors and ceilings would all be covered with rich tapestry, rugs and cushions, whereas in Jaipur clashing colour palettes and rich murals cover every surface. We like to bring some of that exoticism back with us to create our own culturally rich interiors. We call it Global Maximalism.

Are your homes full of Artisans + Adventurers products, if yes, what’s your favourite piece and why?

Yes! Whenever we are sourcing or designing we are always thinking of where the products would fit within our own homes. Amy’s favourite piece is our woollen ‘Dog’ rug from Kenya that lives at the foot of her bed, she designed it during a thunderstorm in Nairobi when she couldn’t get to sleep. Bee is the basket queen and has our Kenyan Kiondo’s all over her home for plants, toiletries and fruit and veg.

What would you like you and your brand to be know for?

We would love to be known as an authority on modern crafted goods sourced from around the world. We want to be known for our ethicals and use of colour and pattern and build the Artisans & Adventurers brand to become the go-to store for vibrant, ethically sourced homeware and jewellery.


Follow them @artisansandadventurers, shop online at or visit their Margate or London stores.

4th April 2018
3rd May 2018