The Hunt: Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket

I’ve had my ‘Leather’ jacket since 2010, a freshers event in my first year of uni got me a cool £10 off so it was only £40 (much needed as a student!). It’s lasted me 6 years and I still love it. I wear it so much, my cost per wear must be in the pennies. As my Dad pointed out the other day, it’s falling apart… I’m not surprised to be honest, I’m actually shocked it’s lasted this long! I thought it was about time I started looking for a replacement. Do I get an actual Leather one, stick with Pleather or try Suede? It’s a tricky decision, but I think ultimately, my budget may make the choice for me.

I’ve obviously had the obligatory search on ASOS to try kick start my search. The choice of brands really is unrivalled, and 10% student discount never hurt anyone, did it? I definitely think it’s the best place to start, adding hundreds of different bits to my ‘saved items’ is probably one of my favourite past-times… It’s quite satisfying to have everything in one place so i can peruse at my leisure and wish it was all in my wardrobe instead of on my laptop screen.

My current jacket is actually from Republic, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing anymore? So here are my top ASOS picks… I’m planning to do a follow up post, when i eventually choose the ‘Perfect Leather Jacket’.

28th August 2016