You might have seen on Twitter yesterday, I had a mini blogging identity crisis – do I stay with blogging about everything, or do I try to focus in on a niche – which represents me more? My instagram is around 60% interior photos, so do I make my blog the same? Do I make my instagram entirely Interiors, or do I stick with it being the majority and keep the odd beauty and fashion post? Do I make my blog the same, for consistency? Does it even matter? Argh!

Well, after having a think yesterday, I’ve decided that I definitely do want to develop the interior side of my blog, but through a specific newsletter, which you can sign up in my sidebar right now *hint hint*. I’ll obviously still feature interiors and homeware on my blog, but rather than making it solely that, I’m kind of extending it… if that makes sense? Interior design is a big passion of mine, you might be able to tell by how I write my blog posts on the subject, I really hope my love for it comes across! I’d love to do it as a career, but for now, I can live vicariously though magazines, books, blogs and instagram accounts. I’ve absolutely loved styling my home, showing my efforts on my social media and getting told I’m good at it by friends and family, which is great.

My idea is to share my favourite finds of the month, whether i’ve seen them in a store, or on someone elses instagram feed, with links to shop the product or similar. I’ll also be sharing my favourite inspiration accounts, similar to this blog post and giving them a bit of a bio so you can get to know them and their personality. I’ll also be sharing any amazing savings/ sales for my favourite homeware stores along with my ‘top picks’. And if I’ve done any updates to my home, or parts that I haven’t featured on my social media, I’ll stick those in too – exclusive content!

I’m still working on the newsletter itself, but I’d love to have people to actually send it to… so yeah… please subscribe – I’ll love you forever! I’m planning on it being a monthly thing, with the first one going out on July 1st… so not long to go! I’m gunna try make it look as professional as possible, but please bare with me if the first ones a little bit shit.. I’m trying my best!


I’d love to get some feedback before and after I send out the first newsletter, do you think it’s a good idea? Would you be interested enough to subscribe? Is there anything else you’d like me to include?

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    3rd September 2017

    It’s so hard trying to figure out how to niche down isn’t it? I’ve subscribed! Love your blog and Insta… gives me some great inspiration! <3

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      4th September 2017

      thank you so much! x