Festival Wishlist

I’m super excited to be going to V Festival for the day on Sunday, it’s been planned for months and it feels like it’s come around really quickly and I haven’t decided what i’m gunna wear, which is kiiiinda stressing me out. I’ve been having a look round online to try find some inspiration, and have fallen in love with A LOT, hence the wishlist.. I’ve kinda looked at every different eventuality, you definitely can’t presume it’s gunna be hot and sunny during festival season in the UK. The only other festival I’ve been to is Glastonbury, and it only rained 1 out of 5 days, which to be honest, was a miracle. According to my iphone weather app, it’s gunna be 20 degrees and ‘sun behind cloud emoji’, so it might actually be okay! *crosses fingers*

I’m staying at Tasha’s the night before, so my idea is, take about 4 different outfits and decide when we get up on the morning. I mean, either that, or I take them all with me and do some fashionista outfit changes every few hours?

14th August 2016
22nd August 2016



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    18th August 2016

    I have been loving embroidered clothes at the moment and those two dresses are going straight on my wishlist xx


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      18th August 2016

      So cute, right? Definitely shouldn’t keep doing wish lists.. I want to buy everything! X

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    18th August 2016

    Love your picks! Especially the green leather jacket is very cool. 🙂
    http://www.isabellaschoice.com x

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      31st August 2016

      So nice, isn’t it? It’s way out of my budget though 🙁 x