Favourites: Homeware Stores

Since buying my house, I spend more time lurking around interior design accounts on Instagram than I do on anything else. I’ve always been interested in interior design, but being able to  completely renovate a house, decide what colour the tiles were, choose carpets and buy home furnishing for myself, meant that I was able to really put my stamp on something which was super exciting. So, here’s a list of my absolute favourite homeware stores:

Asda Living – I can’t go to my local Asda without spending at least 45 mins wandering around the home section. It’s reasonably priced, on trend and so accessible. A few weeks ago I *may* have spent nearly an hour trawling through the sale items… There was some amazing stuff!

Zara Home – A new one has opened in Leeds and i honestly couldn’t be more excited. For years I’ve fawned over the Zara Home website, never actually buying anything cause the delivery cost a bomb and i’m tight… So when i was walking down Briggate and spotted the new store out of the corner of my eye, i literally grabbed my friend and forced her to come in with me. It is so beautiful, i couldn’t’ decide what i wanted more and actually left empty handed. There’s still time yet, not to worry!

Home Sense / TK Maxx – There’s a Home Sense right next to Nala’s Vets (my beautiful cat / child) and i just love it. There are so many one-offs, I love knowing that not many people will have what you have, it makes me feel special… TK Maxx (pretty sure they’re under the same company umbrella??) also have some great finds. I’m obsessed with these coasters i picked up on a random trip to Meadowhall. My mum even tried to steal them from me for herself!

Marks & Spencer’s – Always one of my go-to homeware places. I’ve been brought up on Saturday trips to M&S with my Mum & Grandma, so i was bound to develop a thing for their home range. Some of it is slightly on the pricey side, but it’s really quality stuff. With their new Sparks reward system, i get the chance to get a whopping 50% off every now and then and can treat myself to some goodies. My Moroccan style bedding is from M&S as well as the cushions, you may have seen these in my ‘Becoming a Home Owner‘ post.

IKEA – How could i not include IKEA?! When i first got my house, i spent pretty much every night after work wandering around IKEA trying to find little home touches and decide on which furniture i wanted to fill said house with. Most of my house is from IKEA, it’s a great place to go for First Time Buyers, super affordable and that Scandinavian vibe everyone (myself included) is loving at the moment.

21st July 2016
26th July 2016



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    25th July 2016

    Oh my I have to agree with you about having to visit asda’s homeware when you’re there; their candle section just completely draws me in! Lovely post, very unique. I’m obsessed with your blog layout too!x
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

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      25th July 2016

      It’s so underrated but sooo good! I’m on a self inflicted candle ban at the moment… I have way too many! Haha. That’s so kind, thank youuuu! X

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    25th July 2016

    Great post! I’ve been really into homeware products lately and find pleasure in picking out a new pillow hehe. I only wish we had stores like Marks and Spencer, Asda and TK Maxx over here in Australia! x


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      25th July 2016

      Pillow buying is super exciting and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! haha x