Favourites: Films & Songs

I thought I’d continue my Favourites series with a combined list of Films & Songs, things I watch and listen to a lot to the point where I know every word and am a nightmare to be around quoting them word for word when anyone else is around.

So, let’s start with Films… I watch a lot of films so it is quite tricky to pick these:

Dreamgirls – Forever my favourite film. Tasha from HelloTasha knows this all too well. When we lived together at uni, she was in the room next to me and would often hear me belting out Listen, And I Am Telling You, and to be honest, all of them. Like I said before, I know every word and I’m proud of this. Even though I am a MASSIVE Beyonce fan, Jennifer Hudson really steals the show for me in Dreamgirls.

Magic Mike / Step Up – I’m not sure I even need to explain why… But incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years ( let’s just take a second to realise Step Up was released TEN years ago!), Channing Tatum is an absolute babe. Having grown up dancing, I’ve seen a LOT of dance films, so Step Up was and still is one of my favourites, not only for Channing, but cause I love dancing. Magic Mike is obviously more recent, and a lot more grown up but just as good. If we forget about the whole ‘stripper’ thing, the dancing is actually really good, and it’s just a bonus that they’re all half/fully naked…

Seven Pounds – The first fill I fully sobbed at. I watched it with my parents, we were all sat in a row with a box of tissues in the middle, crying our little hearts out. Will Smith, in my opinion, is one of the best actors around. I’ve loved him since Fresh Prince, and I love him now. I think the story line is really interesting, and different to a lot of films I choose to watch.

Me Before You – I only saw this a few weeks ago, but I loved it. It’s definitely one I’ll buy on DVD or download when it comes out. I went with a friend and 100% didn’t cry anywhere near as much as I would have if I had been watching it on my own at home. The story line is really cute, although quite predictable, but I didn’t mind.

….And onto Songs..

Who’s Loving You – Jackson 5 – My all-time favourite song. That first ‘Wheeeeeeeeennnnnn’ gives me chills every time. Michael Jackson was an absolute legend, there’s no denying that, but it’s when you realise how young he was in the Jackson 5, you’re really blown away with his talent.

Feeling Good – Nina Simone  / Michael Buble – I love both of these versions, both very different, but both incredible to me. I’ve seen Buble a few times, so this is the one I think of first, but I definitely can’t leave out the original.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – I know this one might be quite predictable, but that doesn’t change how much I love it. I want the whole cliche ‘wedding dance’ when I hear this song, it makes me smile, as do most Ed Sheeran songs, to be honest. I think he’s insanely talented without even trying and I need him to bring out a new album immediately… COME BACK PLEASE, ED. (Side note, this is actually featured in Me Before You, the reason I’ve linked these two lists)

And I Am Telling You – Jennifer Hudson – Another one linking my favourite films and songs together. I love Jennifer Hudson, her voice is off the charts amazing and she just seems like a really nice person! Her Car Pool Karaoke with James Corden is probably one of my favourites, it surprises me how incredible her voice is, without auto tune, without music even…

I’m not really sure why i’ve done a top 4, but yeah, these are my favourites. Are you with me on any of these, what are your favourites?

31st July 2016
4th August 2016