Parquet flooring is SO popular at the moment, and it’s clear to see why – the texture, the craftsmanship and the chic-ness. Obviously there are thousands of skilled floor fitters that can create that must have herringbone floor effect in your home, but it’s definitely not an affordable project to undertake, well not for me anyway. I’d been looking all over the internet for parquet effect vinyl, because I thought it was my only choice – that was until I found the Alessano range from B&Q -the perfect faux parquet flooring. I had to drive all the way to Huddersfield to pick it up, it’s clearly a popular style as their Leeds store  had completely sold out and it wasn’t available online (it is now, so go go go!).

faux parquet flooringI chose the oak effect, but it does also come in a grey tone, if that’s more of the vibe you’re going for. It works out at £25.02 for a square metre (you get 4 planks in a pack) which totalled around £325 for the room – significantly less expensive than it would cost to get real parquet fitted.

It took my Dad around 5 hours to fit around 13 square metres, including cutting around the door frame, radiator and chimney breast – which if it were real parquet, would usually take about a week. the only tricky bit was making sure the chevrons lined up on the join, some of them are more subtle so it took a bit of concentration.

I went for laminate flooring over carpet (like I had in my last house) because owning a cat that sheds a ridiculous amount of fur everywhere she walks, meant that cleaning and vacuuming was an absolute nightmare. Laminate flooring means I can just sweep everything up and don’t have to spend hours trying to get a carpet to look it’s actual colour, and not ginger…

I’m so so pleased with the result. It’s completely changed the look and feel of the room and is miles worlds away from how it looked when I first moved in. And who would believe it was faux parquet flooring?

I’ll be sharing a full post on my bedroom when everything has arrived (and is assembled), so you’ll get to see the flooring again soon! – buy it here

faux parquet flooring

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5 October 2018
29 October 2018