5 Fashion Trends I’m Loving

I’m a sucker for Fashion Trends. If it’s all over instagram, all over magazines and all over pinterest, I want a piece of it. There’s always the risk that I won’t suit said trend, but that’s something i’ll figure out when it comes down to it. I guess that’s the power of the ‘Influencer’, if they style it to perfection (like so many of them do), other people want to jump on the bandwagon.

Pleated Skirts

5 fashion trends i'm loving

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I’ve actually just ordered #1, I can’t wait to style it up! I love the metallic versions too, I think they’re pefect for both night and day events, either dressed down with ankle boots or dressed up with some slinky heels and a nice top.


5 fashion trends i'm loving

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I really never thought I’d love Mules, but I do. They’re so easy to slip on and go, they look great with jeans and skirts/dresses and are really flattering on the ankle. I might have a problem finding a pair to fit over my super high instep, but if not, I’ll just cram my feet in and deal with it!

Flared Sleeves
5 fashion trends i'm loving

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I don’t even think I need to explain this one. I’ve mentioned my love for the Flared/ Trumpet/ Frill sleeve so many times already, so I won’t bore you. They add a feminine touch to every outfit, they might not be the most practical, but they look so pretty!

Branded Sweatshirts

5 fashion trends i'm loving

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Mainly the ‘sporty’ ones. I’m after a black Calvin Klein/ Adidas/ Nike one with the simple branding, but they seem to be on the pricey side, so I’ll have to save up!

Metallic Boots

5 fashion trends i'm loving

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I even bought myself a pair of gold metallic boots from Primark for £5, it was one of those surprise price changes when you get to the till that are so common in Primark. I’ve not worked out how to style it with my wardrobe yet, but I’m excited for when I do.

7th February 2017



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    Panty Buns

    27th March 2017

    Loving those Flared Sleeve blouses and the pleated skirts!!! I especially like the looks of the pink Boohoo Ella pink ruffled flared sleeve top and the Asos Pleated midi-skirt with wrap front detail – they would look fabulous styled together.

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    9th February 2017

    Inspiring post. I’m super into sweatshirts rn too! Xo

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      10th February 2017

      There’s so many I want! x