Post in partnership with Denby | The products shown in this post were gifted.

Denby is a brand I grew up around, they were the ‘good plates’ that we only used on special occasions. They’re a brand with over 200 years of craftsmanship behind them, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Their new collections are just as special, letting the brands heritage shine through, and the quality and skill of their team creating the most beautiful designs.

I was asked to choose a few designs from their Hand Decorated Mugs collection, so I went for styles that would look great on display in my monochrome kitchen.  They do have some coloured styles in this range, but these are just the ones more suited to by own style. They’re too aesthetically pleasing to be hidden away in a cupboard, so I’m definitely going to have them hanging on my mug tree (I’ve also got no more room in my mug cupboard as I have a small addiction to buying them…). The craftsmanship is instantly recognisable as Denby, and they’re the perfect size and shape to wrap your hand around and really enjoy that early morning coffee or late night hot chocolate.

These are the styles I went for (from left to right):

Dark Grey Vertical Wax Large Mug  |  Light Grey Vertical Wax Large Mug  |   Grey Speckled Large Mug  |  White Speckled Large Mug

Denby hand decorated mugs

The beauty of these mugs being hand decorated, is that each one is unique, no two mugs are the same and I think that it really adds to that special feeling that all Denby products give you. I think they would be perfect as a gift or just a little treat to yourself, whether you choose to mix up the designs like I did, or would rather keep it all a bit more ‘uniform’, I think the patterns and finish really stand out against the more ‘basic’ mugs you can get on the highstreet and are definitely worth spending that little bit more on, to get the added quality and unique nature of hand decorated drinkware.

denby hand decorated mugs

denby hand decorated mugs

I also just wanted to do a little shout out to their Studio Grey collection, because, well, it’s absolutely stunning and would be perfect for anyone who loves a natural aesthetic with a modern twist.


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